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On March 17, Macedonian guitar legend Vlatko Stefanovski will hold a concert at the Macedonian Philharmonic, presenting for the first time in front of the Macedonian audience the album “Majcin jazik” (Mother tongue). Vlatko Stefanovski's 33rd album titled “Mother tongue” was released in November 2017. This is the first acoustic album in his career, and immediately after the release it got positive review from Balkan music critics and media.

The concert will be an encirclement of an artistic period and an expression in Stefanovski's career.  Special guests at the concert organized by "Bagi comunications" will be the Balkan ethno diva Bilja Krstic and the members of the group “Ljubojna”, Vera Milosevska and Oliver Josifovski.

Tickets are put up for sale at a price of 1000 denars.

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