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TOTO is coming to Skopje for the very first time within the jubilee tour for their 40 years existence on March, 5 2018 at the VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski.

Known for their extraordinary achievements in music, TOTO is a band that the world music public treats as one of the best in the music industry, and their members treats as “Kings of the live performance”.

This is their 23rd tour and 14th studio album after the many multiplatinum samples.

The hits like  „Rosanna“, „Africa“, „Hold The Line“ and others have brought them many awards and five Gremmies.  

The tickets can be bought by these prices:

Parter 990

Fan Pit 1500

Silver 1200 - block 2,5,6,7,9,10,11,14

Golden 1500 - block 3,4,8,12

VIP 2000 - block 13

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