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Post-holiday weekend that we will present with many jazz, snacks, drinks, and international guests who will shake the audience in a barefoot and flamenco rhythm! 
Friday (12.10),
starting at 21:30, ECOS QUARTET or Marlon Bordas Gonzalez - guitar, Noel Alejandro Giteze Quintana - piano, Juan Carlos Otero Bilbao - percussionist, and Miguel Chavez Valdes - vocals.
This evening we dedicate it to the Cuban music, and it will be best presented to them by these musicians who first come to Skopje.
Saturday (13.10),
starting at 9:30 pm, we enjoy smooth jazz with Maria, Damir and Victor.
Be in Brooklyn.
Book a place on time: 078 337 843/02 6091 844
Bruklinski jazz

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