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"Souvenir de Florence" is the title of the concert will held this Saturday (December 8th) at the Macedonian Philharmonic at 8 pm. It is a concert of the String Octet made especially for the performance in Skopje, by music artists from Europe and Macedonia, with an impressive career behind: Lisa Jakobs (Netherlands), Head Jaron Meyersson (Netherlands), Vladimir Kostov and Martin Dimitrov - violins; Driton Gaja and Nora Romanoff Schwarzberg (USA, Austria) - Violins; Ivan Turkalj (Germany) and Francesco Mariosi (Italy) - the cello. The program will feature the works: "Souvenir de Florence" op. 70 by Petar Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Gudački octet op. 20 in Es-dur by Felics Mendelssohn.
The String Octet was set up specifically for the Souvenir de Florence concert by prominent Macedonian violist Driton Gaja, who has been living for years and building a career in Germany and Austria. It is about eight musicians from Macedonia and Europe, with an enviable career, performing in prestigious concert halls, with visible orchestras and conductors, winners of numerous international awards, virtuosos of their instruments
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