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Tuesday, June 5 at 20:30h - 22:30h

Macedonian Opera and Ballet

Oumou Sangaré. The superstar diva from Mali, the greatest African singer, Grammy Award winner and Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations. Winner of UNESCO International Music Prize and WOMEX Artist Award 2017. Singer, composer and activist who champions women's rights in her native Mali and throughout Africa. Born in Bamako, Mali, she started her musical career at an early age by singing traditional songs. She recorded her spectacular debut album “Moussolou” at only 20 years of age. Sangaré’s voice is a soulful joy, soaring to high notes and resounding with a husky richness. Her contribution to the enrichment and the development of music, as well as for the cause of peace, for the understanding among peoples and international cooperation is huge. Sangaré's style is Wassoulou, and she is recognized as “The Songbird of Wassoulou”, a popular musical genre derived from folk traditions in the rural southwestern part of Mali. That style has brought her international stardom and she continues to bring the Wassoulou culture and traditions to a global audience. The latest album “Mogoya”, voted by many as best album for 2018, represents an exciting new chapter in her career.


Saturday, April 21 at 22:00h - 01:00h

Bruklinski JAZZ Bistro

Sanat Deliorman, who started singing jazz in 2003, when studying translation at Boğaziçi University, in school’s a cappella jazz choir, has won several awards and special mensions in a number of vocal jazz competitions and was invited to the International Istanbul Jazz Festival as a young talent in 2010. Known for her strong voice and deep sentimental interpretation, Deliorman, since 2012, has been holding gigs in jazz clubs of Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum, with her jam session group called “Sanat Deliorman & Her Jazz Bros”. On the other hand, she is holding project concerts with Bora Çeliker and Eylül Biçer as Talking Guitars Trio, and with Janusz Szprot for the Turkish-Polish jazz project called “From Poland with Love”.

Also active as a festival programme editor, dubbing artist and a graphic designer, Deliorman prepares and presents an on-air show called “World’s Jazz” every tuesday evening on Açık Radyo, occasionally promoting new albums of jazz musicians in her live talk shows, while penning concert reviews for

In Summer 2017, she participated the 2nd International New York Jazz Masters Workshop held in Wojanów, where she worked with masters like Aaron Goldberg, Greg Osby, Mike Moreno, Kendrick Scott and Matt Penman and got on stage at Vertigo Jazz Club in Wrocław during this workshop. Most recently, she is traveling to Balkan countries, such as Greece, as a guest singer, meanwhile working on her debut album, to record her own Turkish jazz, tango and pop songs. And in the beginning of this April, she was invited by maestro Nail Yavuzoğlu to sing with the Cemal Reşit Rey Big Band in Istanbul.



SUN Production is pleased to invite you to the best spring party in the city ...

On Saturday April 21st in the small hall of the sports center Boris Trajkovski we will hear and see in live:

DigiCult - Dacru Records / BE

Egorythmia - Iono Music / MK

Spirit Architect - Dacru Records / MK

Home Support:




Excellent Line Array Sound System, Best Light, Great Lasser Show, Led Screen, Special Decor and more ...

Saturday April 21

VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski (small hall)

Start: 23:00


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Friday, April 20 at 20:00h - 23:00h

Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra

The unquestioned Josipa Lisac, as part of her 50 year Josipa tour, after selling large concerts in the Pula Arena, Sava Center, several consecutive concerts in Lisinski, Zagreb, will hold her last concert in this series in Skopje, in the new hall of Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Josipa Lisac has such a career that there is no need to explain anything further, except to say that we are unbelievably happy that in her more rarely going on tour there is Skopje with such a gala concert.

The tickets will be on sale from Saturday (03.03) at 9 am, through the purchase network of Buy Tickets For All in Macedonia at the following prices:

GOLDEN SEATS- 2,000 den

SILVER SEATS- 1,500 den

2 cellos


Saturday, Oct 6 at 21:00h - 23:00h

Boris Trajkovski Sports Center

It is a pleasure to announce that one of the concerts most successful world music attractions right now, the duo 2 CELLOS this autumn is coming to Skopje.

Within the last world tour, named after their last album "Score", the popular duo will perform in Skopje on October 6 this year at the VIP Arena.

2 CELLOS is coming to Macedonia for the first time with a big production arena show, which has been in all major arenas all over the world over the past few years.

Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser in the past couple of years with their brilliant work have succeeded in something that is really rare in the music business - to be successful and their concerts sold out on all continents, in all major world halls, which until their appearance was unthinkable for a crossover music attraction.

Tickets are on sale through the sales network of Buy Maps For All in Macedonia and online on the website of the State Statistical Office, according to the following prices and categories:

PARTER 990 denars

FAN PIET 1,500 MKD (only 1,000 tickets)

BANKS 1,200 MKD (blocks 1 and 15)

SILVER SEATS 1,500 denars (blocks 2, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 14)

GOLDEN SEATS 1,990 denars (blocks 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 12)




Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable. Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.  

Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s  and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable.  Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.

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