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One of the most influential guitarists of today again in Skopje! After a concert like his last one in Skopje and at the request of the audience, Scott Henderson is coming back to Skopje within the framework of his European tour. Another quality event organized by the production "3 Gongs" that must not be missed. Wednesday, March 7 at the club "Stanica 26" starting at 20:00. Tickets are already in pre-sale.


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Bistro Skopje proudly invites you on Friday, March 9 at 21:30h - 01:00h to the concert performance of the masters of good sound - the Foltin group.

For the past 20 years the Foltin group has been at the top of the Macedonian art scene. During this period, there are numerous concerts, music for theater plays and 8 wonderful albums.

The unique sound magic of Foltin, which draws you into the swirl of love and passion, the surreal and exalted ease of existence in Bistro Skopje!

The number of seats is limited, reservations of:

Bistro Skopje on:

Chuv de Chuv:

About the band:

toto17 golema

TOTO is coming to Skopje for the very first time within the jubilee tour for their 40 years existence on March, 5 2018 at the VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski.

Known for their extraordinary achievements in music, TOTO is a band that the world music public treats as one of the best in the music industry, and their members treats as “Kings of the live performance”.

This is their 23rd tour and 14th studio album after the many multiplatinum samples.

The hits like  „Rosanna“, „Africa“, „Hold The Line“ and others have brought them many awards and five Gremmies.  

The tickets can be bought by these prices:

Parter 990

Fan Pit 1500

Silver 1200 - block 2,5,6,7,9,10,11,14

Golden 1500 - block 3,4,8,12

VIP 2000 - block 13

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All Through The Night – a musical concept to realize the monolithic vision of Lehar.

After initiating it in 2017 Lehar is back hosting his very own club series, capturing the DJ booth from start to finish. One artist, one night, one idea: A night of dreaming and a night of dancing have one major aspect in common - only if they are in a complete flow, uninterrupted, they can unfold their strongest effect.

Lehar wanted to make others experience this idea and to share his love for the music. All Through The Night can bring you anywhere from heartfelt Electronica over spirited House tunes to straight-up Techno turmoil – mixed in one hypnotic blend, creating one fluent motion.

Friday, March 2. 2018

Stanica 26, Skopje



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Fourth edition of the Red Sound District Festival! On April 21st, in the MCC, the sounds of Skopje and Amsterdam will merge once again. The concept of the three editions of RSD was to promote you not so famous, but ultra-high quality artists from the Amsterdam basements. This year we thought that we should make a small change in the concept itself and bring a name that literally shakes the clubs in Europe. Abstract Division should definitely be heard and experienced in Skopje! In addition, you have the full line up.


Line up:

- Abstract Division

- Esh.

- Florinsz Janvier

- ME.N.U.

- Vidinovo

- Mirko Popov

- Simonovski


The tickets will be on sale on March 1st at the MCC ticket at the following prices:

01.03 - 01.04 - 200 den.

01.04 - 21.04 - 250 den.

21.04 - 300 den.

Be part of this unique urban story. 

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