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As performers SNEAKERS are unique in their live performances including video, light effects and original live experience. Recognized and greeted as the best DEPECHE MODE tribe band, SNEAKERS performed on hundreds of festivals and hundreds of clubs in Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria where their DEPECHE MODE show as support to the guys from Basildon (a city not bigger than Kratovo) is always a hit!
Over the years, SNEAKERS had several opportunities to meet their idols. In October 2004, SNEAKERS finally met DEPECHE MODE who honored with the title one of the best tribe bands that were ever seen.
SNEAKERS will be able to see them for the first time in Skopje on February 16 at the VIP Arena (small hall)
You can buy tickets for this show in Jugoton, the Tiket Plus sales network as well as online at and for a price of 250 den. until February 4th,  after February 5, the price of the tickets will be 350 denars.
The guys from SNEAKERS invite you to come and enjoy a DEPECHE MODE music trip for three hours.

Fire of Anatolia

Reserve March, 12th 2018 for a spectacular show that won’t leave you indifferent. The world attraction Fire of Anatolia is coming to Skopje at VIP Arena Boris Trajkovski.  The basic concept of Fire of Anatolia is the blend of civilizations.

It is a world show, a cultural holiday with modern standards, a combination of folk dance ballet, modern dance and other dance disciplines.

The tickets for this spectacle can be purchased at Jugoton, Cvekjara "Roze" - Vero2, as well as online at

 badcopy18 golema

SUN Production continuously promoting urban and high quality music on Saturday, February 10th Saturday February 10 announces a really special event. At the small hall of the sports center “Boris Trajkovski” at 8 pm performing are one of the best Balkan hip-hop compositions, the indispensable “Bad Copy”. After a long time, the Skopje audience will have the opportunity to hear live the well-known old hits and of course the new material of the band.

Sky Wikler (Gjorgje Miljenovic), Ays Nigrutin (Vladan Aksentijevic) and Timbe (Rashid Kurtanovic) retained the recognizable satirical style and became one of the most popular hip hop groups in the region. And for a proper warm-up, Dj Goce D'Sauce (Raw N Wicked) will get up behind the dashboard.

Tickets for this event priced 350 denars can be obtained through the sales network of Kupikartizase

partibrejkers vo mkc

“Partibrejkers” are holding a concert  in Skopje on Friday, February 9th at MKC – Youth cultural center.

The Serbian rock band from Belgrade formed in 1982, is known as one of the most acclaimed acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. Their influences are diverse, such as the Stooges, MC5, early Rolling Stones and New York Dolls, combined with blues, British rhythm-and-blues, rockabilly and classic rock and roll.

They have not played in MKC since December 11th 1992, and by some data their last concert in Skopje was in 2008 at the open-air motorcycle festival.

Tickets at a price of 350 denars are sold through the sales network of “MkTickets”, “Kupi Karti Za Se” and MKC - Ticket Office.

See you at MKC!

algiers vo mkc

Don’t miss the concert of one of the most current new bands on the stage - Algiers from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) this Friday, February 2nd at MKC Skopje.

Algiers is a politically "sober" indie rock trio that combines elements of post-punk and no-wave with blues, gospel and even early industrial music. They exist between New York and London. Their songs are actively engaged in critique of culture through commentary on traditions in political, social and religious spheres.

Tickets can be purchased through the sales networks of MkTickets, “KupiKartiZaSe” and the Ticket Office at MKC. The ticket price is 350 denars.

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