CC Primo and O.K. Classic are organizing a  one-day show - Oldtimer Rally Skopje 2018 on 29th of september. Show is divied in two parts. The first part is an exhibition of old-timer vehicles and motorcycles, which will include 20 foreign and 35 domestic representatives of exclusive old-timer vehicles divided in two periods until 1970 and from 1971 to 1984. The vehicles will be evaluated and awarded by an expert technical commission. The second part is the Old Time Rally, which is organized for the first time in Skopje. The start and the goal is in front of the Municipality of Centar, following a precisely determined route with a previously prepared travel book. Vehicles will be divided into two classes, and the winners rewarded.
Program of the event:
09-11 am - Technical examination and verification of the participants
11.30 am - Official opening of the event
10-12 am - Exhibition of cars and photo-session
12-14 pm Start of the rally
14-16 hrs - Organized exhibition and selection of old timers by category
16.30 pm - Official announcement of the winners
old timer
On 10.9.2018, starting at 8 pm, the exhibition "ELEMA MONOCHROMATIK" will be opened in NLB Gallery. The exhibition is part of the manifestation "56th Days of Macedonian Photography" 2018.
Elema monochromatic is a show originated from the Elema Photo club members in 2012 and exibition was alreays presented in several cities: Praga, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Sofia, Yuxian-kin ... and now the premier will be presented in Skopje.
The exhibition is composed of 41 photographs.Monohromatic Vaci

Fire of Anatolia

On March 12th the world attraction “Fire of Anatolia” with their spectacular show that leaves no one indifferent comes to Skopje, at the Vip Arena, Boris Trajkovski.
The basic concept of “Fire of Anatolia” is the blend of civilizations. It's a dance portrait giving universal messages of peace.
It is a world show, a cultural holiday with modern standards, a combination of folk dance with ballet, modern dance and other dance disciplines.
Tickets for this spectacle are on sale and can be purchased at all market locations of “KupiKartiZaSe”, “Pola Jugoton”, Flower shop "Roze" - Vero2, as well as online at

bela-nokThe call for participation in this year's cultural event "White Night" that will happen for the 11th time on October 3rd, is open and all art forms and media realized with any instruments or techniques are allowed. 

x faktor adriaFinalists of the popular music show “X-Factor Adria” come to Skopje City Mall on Monday, June 15th at 8 pm.

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