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On March 22, at 20:00 in the Millennium cinema, the premiere of "Bikini Moon", the latest American film by the Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski will be presented to the audience. The film continues on the regular repertoire of the cinema the same evening at 22:00. Tickets for the film will be on sale from Wednesday, March 14th.

In the meantime, "Bikini Moon" appeared at several world festivals. The world premiere was at the festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the American at the famous Cinecvace Festival in San Jose, California.

Recently, at the 38th International Fantasyport Film Festival in Porto, Portugal, Mancevski's film won the special jury award.

"Bikini Moon" was premiered on the International Film Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the program "Masters", and before that at the FEST in Belgrade. These days, there are festivals in Sarasota (Florida), in Istanbul, Manhattan Film Festival (New York), in Frankfurt (Germany) and in Nashville in May.

This modern dark tale of Manchevski speaks about the broken ideal of the modern family, but also about the lost privacy in the world occupied by cameras, mobile phones and omnipresent social networks. The film structure of Bikini Moon is a film in a film in which film reality is double-controlled or double-manipulated.

The main heroine is the returnee of the war in Iraq, Bikini Moon Davis, charismatic, vibrant, witty, beautiful and provocative, but also mentally unstable. Her story and her behavior - lead us to the brink of truth, and often we are not sure what is true and what a fantasy. The film is entirely filmed on locations in New York.

World movie critics say:

"This is a brilliant author's film."

"Positioned on the delicate border between the feature and documentary," Bikini Moon "is a modern urban fairy tale with a fascinating narrative."

"The actress Condola Rashad has transformed Bikini into a figure that is at the same time touching, funny, strong, vulnerable and charismatic."

"This is a completely fresh and original work by the master-director. Condole Rashad's shame is shocking. "

"A provocative and convincing portrait of an unstable woman who is trying to restore her life to normal. Bikini Moon is a provocative, multilayer fake documentary that accentuates the worst parts of millennium liberalism. "Bikini Moon" is a modern experience that fits into the uglyness of our voyeur culture. "

"This is the film that" The shape of the water "wanted to be, but did not know how."

"In the incredibly brilliant" Bikini Moon ", Condole Rashad's heated acting provokes Milcho Manchevski's provocative story."

"Condole Rashad's voice is awe-inspiring."

The main roles are played by Kondola Rashad, Sarah Goldberg, Will Dzenovitz, Satya Sridharan and Mikal Michel Haris. Production designer is Mancevski's regular associate, Briton David Mans, who has worked on all of Manchevski's film projects so far. Director of photography is Joshua Z. Weinstein. The only Macedonian in the film crew, besides the director is the composer of the music - Igor Vasilev Novogradskaya.


Movie trailer:

Bikini Moon



Oscar Week 2018 mk 628x353


In the period from February 26 (Monday) to March 4 (Sunday) in Cineplexx you can see 7 movies that are in short race for this year's winner in one of the categories. If you've missed it or would like to see it again, this is an ideal opportunity to enjoy Cineplexx's comfortable seats and large cinema screens.

The films that will be screened as part of the show are: "Blade Runner 2049", "All the Money in the World", which was a huge success in cinemas around the world, "The Square" (The Square) and "The Greatest Showman" (The Greatest Showman).

Exclusively during the review, the three favorites of the audience will be screened - The Shape of Water, the latest performance by Guillermo del Toro, who received the most nominations for the upcoming Oscars, as many as 13 nominations, the black comedy drama "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, which races in 7-categories for Oscar and the "Call me by your name" movie, which critics have described as the most emotional film for this year.

See you at Cineplexx! 

киненова ретроспектива 

The Cinematheque of Macedonia on Monday, February 12th from 8 pm starts the retrospective program of IFF Kinenova Skopje with films from the main competition of its’ 2017 edition.
The international film festival Kinenova Skopje, in cooperation with the Cinematheque of Macedonia, an institution that is a direct supporter of this international event, offers one more chance for the spectators who didn’t manage to attend the premiers at IFF Kinenova Skopje 2017 to see these films of debutants from different countries in the world.
The program is composed of 4 films from: Spain, Holland, Costa Rica and USA.

The screenings are:
February 12th (Monday): "Summer 1993" ("Leto 1993") by Carla Symon; Spain 2017; DCP
February13th (Tuesday): "Columbus" by Kogonada; USA 2017; DCP
February 18th (Sunday): "The Court of things" by Ariel Escalante; Costa Rica; 2017; HD
February 19th (Monday): "Quality time" by Daan Baker; Neterlands 2017; HD

Program selector: Marina Kostova

skopje cinema city winter edition 

The film festival for music documentaries “Skopje Cinema City” starts the new year with its first event or with the so-called “Winter edition”, in which it will traditionally reprise some of the films from the previous, premier edition in 2017.
On February 2nd and 3rd, the Cinematheque of Macedonia will screen the films whose projections were part of the third edition of the SCC.

The Winter Edition is the first of the four film events that are planned to take place this year at different periods, so-called "Four Seasons".


02/02/2018 (Friday)

20.00- Kraftwerk: Pop Art (60 min)
21.30- Lisa Gerrard: Sanctuary (90 min)

02/03/2018 (Saturday)

20.00 - Remembering Lou Reed (60 min)
21.30 - David Bowie at the BBC (60 min)

Tickets are purchased at the Ticket Office in the Cinematheque of Macedonia.

iranski film vo kinoteka

Days of Iranian Cinematography, a film selection dedicated to contemporary Iranian film will be held in the Cinematheque of Macedonia from January 22nd to January 27th. Iranian cinematography is one of the most prominent world cinematographies. Iranian films are recognizable for their realism, unpretentiousness and simplicity in expression. But, through those seemingly small stories, not only Iranian society is reflected, but also some universal human dilemmas. Such are the films from this selection. These are film titles from recent Iranian production, by renowned Iranian directors, photography directors and famous actors who have a significant place in world cinema and have won many festival awards.

The Days of Iranian Cinematography will feature screening of the films “Sweet taste of imagination”, directed by Kamal Tabrizi (January 22), “Once, Love And Betrayal”, directed by Davoud Bidel (January 230, “The Painting Pool” by Maziar Miri (January 24), “All alone”, directed by Ehsan Abdipour (January 25), “A cube of sugar”, directed by Reza Mirkarimi (January 26) and “So close, so far”, directed by Reza Mirkarimi (January 27).
The program is realized with the help of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Skopje, which also made the selection of the films. The entrance to the projections is free.

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