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BEST Skopje is pleased to announce the 14th edition of the JobFair Fair, which will be held from 12.3 to 16.3, and will be divided into several sections with the following schedule:

12.3 - Official opening

13.3 and 14.3 - IT companies (Technical campus)

15.3 and 16.3 - Technical companies (Technical Campus)

JobFair is organized by BEST Skopje in order to make contact between you, the students, and companies that may be your employers in the future. At the event you will be able to attend various trainings and presentations, talk to the representatives of one of the leading companies in Macedonia, as well as get more information on student practices, scholarships and the required workforce.

So do not hesitate and leave a CV. The JobFair takes you a step closer to your career. Maybe your next job or practice is right there!

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The French Institute in Skopje has the honor to invite you to a big regional meeting titled "The French Language in the Digital Age", which will take place on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. The event will be officially opened by HE. Mr. Christian Timonie, Ambassador of France, at 11 o'clock.

The event aims to give a modern image of the French language in Macedonia and beyond and show that it is easily accessible for learning and interesting for the young generations.

The event consists of two central elements:

- Mini-hackathon on the topic "Development of new tools for learning the French language", which will be held at the laboratory of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje, at 8 am.

- Workshops / trainings for professors in / in French on the topic "Innovation in teaching through the use of digital tools", which will be held at the Amphitheater of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, at 10 am

The event is held within the celebration of the Francophonie in Macedonia, with the support of the French Institute in Paris and in cooperation with the French Institute in Serbia, the Embassy of France in Kosovo, the Embassy of France in Albania, the Foundation "Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamboliev, "the Center for Education Seavus, the Faculty of Information Sciences and Computer Engineering in Skopje, Semos Education and MOddou.



For two years we have been laughing, crying, yelling and scheming.... and, you know, also actually made a bit of game here and there. Now we want to celebrate in SKOPJE, MACEDONIA.
- and YOU are invited!
We are going to party like animals: Drink expensive local scotch and use sophisticated puns. There will be bands, DJs and a lot of dancing and probably a Fox.
- Fleka
- Saygon
- Shut Down
- DJ Game Over (Resident) 
- DJ Goce (SAF) (Funky Fresh)
- DJ Chvare (Funky Fresh)
FOR OUR FRIENDS FROM DK (and others that need to travel to join):
We seriously mean and would love if you could join us is Skopje. There are cheap direct flights from Copenhagen and Malmø with Wizz Air and we can help with hosting :) Come and join us!


Design and Wine1


Unique products from Macedonian artists will be presented at the Design and Wine Design Exhibition, which will take place on March 3 and 4 (Saturday and Sunday) at the newly opened CEED Hub Skopje (on the campus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering). This weekend from 10am to 6pm you’ll be able to see unique jewelry, handmade greeting cards, leather products, delightful furniture pieces, creative children's wooden details, street fashion designs, home organic organic cosmetics, organic substrates for domestic plants, gifts for surprise, recycled designer clothes, handbags and woolen bags and many other interesting solutions.



Saturday, March 3 at 22:00h - 01:00h

MKC Club & Restaurant

Kej Dimitar Vlahov b.b., 1000 Skopje

A special Saturday… with special guests and special tastes!

Chiara Stella Renata (France) - vocal, ac. guitar, singer/sonwriter / Dejan Minoski (Germany/Makedonija) - keys, vocal / Cornelia Minoski (France) - vocal / Benni Herd (Germany)- vocal / Marko Chvarko (Makedonija) - keys, vocal





Reservations: 60 90 606

Sports Center Boris Trajkovski
- Gareth Emery; RE-born festival (20. 12. 2014)




Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable. Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.  

Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s  and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable.  Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.

Upcoming shows:

- The nutcracker (16. 12. 2014)
- Cosi fan tutte (17. 12. 2014)

Theater "Dramski"

- Jaws (16. 12. 2015)
- Captain John Peoplefox (17. 12. 2014)
- Archelaus or Euripides returns to the Balkan (18. 12. 2014)
- Sex, drugs, and rock & roll (19. 12. 2014)
- Heated tongues (20. 12. 2014)
- The man who ate the whole world (23. 12. 2014)
- Captain John Peoplefox (24. 12. 2014)
- Hamlet (25. 12. 2014)
- Living in narrow shoes (26. 12 2014)
- Whose are you (27. 12. 2014)

Upcoming performances:

- Jubilee celebration (18. 12 2014)
- New year’s eve children’s celebration (21. 12. 2014)
- Star dust (24. 12. 2014)
- Akiko returns (22. 01. 2015)
- Cyrillic (29. 01. 2015)
- Dream, Faith, Love (13.02.2015)
- Russian night (19. 02. 2015)
- B squared (26. 02. 2015)
- Great classics (12. 03. 2015)
- Romantic bass arias (19. 03. 2015)
- Apotheosis of dance (02. 04. 2015)
- Days of Macedonian music (09. 04. 2015)
- Symphonic concert (23. 04. 2015)
- Spanish guitar (07. 05. 2015)
- Video game (14. 05. 2015)

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