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Wednesday February 28, 2018, 18:00 | French Institute in Skopje

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Macedonia , the French Institute in Skopje, in cooperation with the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje , organizes the exhibition "The New Wave".

The opening of the exhibition takes place on the eve of March, in the wake of the opening of the month of the Francophonie .

The new wave is a movement in French cinematography in the late 1950s and early 1960s, through which the French film opened up for a different, new way of filming, which opposed the tradition. Social changes and change in the way of life, the desire to transform the film and break the past are at the heart of the New Wave.

Students of the Institute of Design and Engineering of Clothing at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy through their creations will show their view of this phenomenon.

They worked under the mentorship of Lidija Georgiev , a renowned designer and professor at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje.

Three students, whose visit to the Paris Fashion Week was supported by the French Institute in Skopje, will share their experiences during this stay.

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It is our great honor and pleasure to announce the cooperation between Desonanz Festival and Epicentar, which for the first time before the Skopje audience carries the live performance of Claro Intelecto - one of the most renowned electronic artists in the world and a true veteran of the electro, techno and haus stage, whose editions for Ai Records, Delsin and Modern Love are not only unforgettable in the historical context, but also actively defines the style and sensibility of much of modern club music.

On Friday (02 March) at the strongest podium in the city, Claro Intelecto will combine the past, present and future of electronic music with all its musical machines, and this night of remembrance with their DJ sets will be completed by Apostolic and Diah.

Claro Intelecto [UK] -live- (Delsin / Modern Love)



Apostolic (Drop Series)


Diana Di (Code XX)


Visuals by Lazy Kidz Visualz

Friday (02.03.2018) // Epicenter Skopje // start: 23:59





After almost 60 successful events with local, regional and internationally established guests such as: GangStarr Foundation, The Beatnuts, Jeru the Damaja, Illa J, Skopje Vinyl Convention - Centrala, Jon1st, DJ Propo'88 The Insomniac, DJ ANGELO, Boca 45 , Big Pro, DIAMOND D, Marc Hype, Lord Finesse, DJ IRON, BAD Dzutim, DJ SKILL, DJ Magos, DJ JOPA, DJ ROOMS, DJ WOS-D, Positive Cut's, DJ Woo-D, DJ Noki Nole. Brown Sugar, Rob Mang, DJ Samm The Man, Strajk Official Profile, LD Pistolero official, Natty Fiyah SS, New Chapel of the Old School, DJ Chvare, DJ Goce SAF, Dimitar HyperTech, DJ Drazi Drags, Dj Boogieman, Nin Vibe, DJ Dimitri from Chair, Dj Oky Doky, DJ ILIC and others. Funky Fresh Collective celebrates its second birthday!

Thursday, March 01, 2018 @ Stanica 26 with:

- DJ Flip (World Scratch Champion) (Dublin, Ireland)

- DJ Chvare

- DJ Goce SAF

Start 23h, entrance 100 denars.

* Special Funky Fresh gift with every purchased ticket


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On July 26, 1963 a disastrous earthquake destroyed large areas of the city of Skopje. This natural catastrophe resulted in a wave of international solidarity and united ideologically separate worlds in a humanitarian project. The erection of prefabricated houses provided a number of countries with an opportunity to contribute visible and clearly identifiable reconstruction aid. Over the last 50 years the imported houses from Finland, Mexico or the USA have steadily transformed and grown; today they are completely integrated in the city´s urban fabric. PRE/FABRIC undertakes a search for traces in the biography of these houses and their use.

Opening 13th of March, 19:00

The exhibition will be opened by the Minister of Culture Robert Alagjozovski. An introduction will be given by Professor Elke Krasny (AT) and Architect Danica Pavlovska.


Sonja Sljivic brend menadzer na Nescafe

The young people in Macedonia learn better and faster with digital technologies

Campaign Start smart” for gathering means for equipping the digital Center at the National and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid


Skopje, February 13 2018- At the National and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid was held a discussion for the importance of the digitization of the education in the Macedonian society which at the same time announces the start of the campaign  „Start Smart” during which Nestle will be gathering funds that aimed for opening a multimedia center within the library.

Many international studies show that more and more students and young people consider that the digital technologies have a positive impact on their education and understanding of the themes.  According  to the last year research in the USA more than half of the young people want to use the new technologies for learning and more than 80% of them are using laptop for their home works.

These world trend have impact on the young Macedonians too. The national and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid started digitization of the book and archives.  The Library also  needs new equipment and new technology, in order for the digitization to be finished.

As a company that considers that every change starts with education Nestle with its brand NESCAFÉ 3in1started the campaign „Start smart“ within which a certain amount from every sold product NESCAFÉ 3in1 and NESCAFÉ 2in1 will be donated to the multimedia center in the library. 

Sports Center Boris Trajkovski
- Gareth Emery; RE-born festival (20. 12. 2014)




Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable. Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.  

Browse through insider tips and recommendations to make your navigation through Skopje even easier. Essential phone numbers, traveling how-to’s  and useful information about how to make your stay more enjoyable.  Also, some important words and phrases to get by in the city.

Upcoming shows:

- The nutcracker (16. 12. 2014)
- Cosi fan tutte (17. 12. 2014)

Theater "Dramski"

- Jaws (16. 12. 2015)
- Captain John Peoplefox (17. 12. 2014)
- Archelaus or Euripides returns to the Balkan (18. 12. 2014)
- Sex, drugs, and rock & roll (19. 12. 2014)
- Heated tongues (20. 12. 2014)
- The man who ate the whole world (23. 12. 2014)
- Captain John Peoplefox (24. 12. 2014)
- Hamlet (25. 12. 2014)
- Living in narrow shoes (26. 12 2014)
- Whose are you (27. 12. 2014)

Upcoming performances:

- Jubilee celebration (18. 12 2014)
- New year’s eve children’s celebration (21. 12. 2014)
- Star dust (24. 12. 2014)
- Akiko returns (22. 01. 2015)
- Cyrillic (29. 01. 2015)
- Dream, Faith, Love (13.02.2015)
- Russian night (19. 02. 2015)
- B squared (26. 02. 2015)
- Great classics (12. 03. 2015)
- Romantic bass arias (19. 03. 2015)
- Apotheosis of dance (02. 04. 2015)
- Days of Macedonian music (09. 04. 2015)
- Symphonic concert (23. 04. 2015)
- Spanish guitar (07. 05. 2015)
- Video game (14. 05. 2015)

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