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On Thursday, April 26, at 21.00 at Menada Bar, a promotion of the new album of the Skopje band Fighting Windmills - An Exercise in Surprise LP will be held, as a release for the independent music publisher - Charla Records.

Fighting Windmills is a musical collective composed of five highly educated musicians collected around this project in 2007 when they have realized five albums. It's a composition that invests in exploring new musical territories all the time, carefully building its authentic musical attitude and expression. The style and genre are free from any clear benchmarks, although various influences from post-rock, free jazz, post-punk and contemporary classical music or certain folkloric and contemporary ambitious variations can be recognized.

On the new An Exercise in Surprise album, Fighting Windmills in addition to the already established directions are flirting with elements of contemporary Scandinavian jazz, disco-punk and Charlie Parker's solo sections. The general concept and title of the album are inspired by the album of Ken Vandermark's legendary quintet.

The entire material of the album is complete author work of the members of the band, recorded in the BPM studio by Mladen Pavleski, and mixed and mastered in the studio Alshar by Ivica Jankulovski. The design of the album was made by the guitarist of the band Filip Bukšliev - Buka.

The album will be available in the form of a luxury CD release in a limited number during the promotion on Thursday.

From Friday, April 27th, the album will be available for free digital download of the bandcamp profile of Charla Records -

Fighting Windmills on June 1st will have the honor as the only Macedonian representative to perform at this year's edition of the prestigious Offfest organized by Skopje Jazz Festival.



Saturday, June 16 at 22:00h - 10:00h


..:: 16.06 Open Air Gathering (near Skopje) ::..

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International revue meeting of the Modellers and exchange of the experiences with presentation of the radio controlled aircraft models – MAJ FLAJ – Stenkovec, Skopje, Macedonia.

The event is open to public where all categories of the radio controlled aircraft models will be promoted, the achievements of the Macedonian modellers and pilots will be presented, the experiences will be shared, the exchange of the experiences of the international modellers and pilots and their achievements of the international competitions will be presented.

VISION: To make the radio controlled aero sports one of the most recognizable sport and hobby in the region and strength the long term relation with International and Regional Clubs and their members.

MISSION: To deliver an unique experience for all those passionate about extraordinary sports and hobbies while promoting the healthy life style benefits of it as well as enhancing the country's international profile with a main goal of becoming one of the best international RC aero sport events in the field

TIME: 12-13 May 2018 ( Saturday & Sunday ) 11:00 - 18.00

PLACE: Sport Airport Stenkovec – Brazda LW 75



NOVA’s Parent-Teacher Association (NOVA PTA) and Nova International Schools are proud to announce the 12th Annual Family Bazaar taking place on Saturday, April 21st from 11:00 to 15:00, on our school campus. You and your family are cordially invited to this fun-filled event.


Guys and Girls, GOOD NEWS: it's time for you to think about what you want to sing to our next Language Karaoke Night. We are waiting for you at Caffe Di Roma the 19 of April to party all together!

This is the opportunity for you to meet new people, check you vocal skills, and just have a lot of fun...


Sports Center Boris Trajkovski
- Gareth Emery; RE-born festival (20. 12. 2014)

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- Cosi fan tutte (17. 12. 2014)

Theater "Dramski"

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- Living in narrow shoes (26. 12 2014)
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Upcoming performances:

- Jubilee celebration (18. 12 2014)
- New year’s eve children’s celebration (21. 12. 2014)
- Star dust (24. 12. 2014)
- Akiko returns (22. 01. 2015)
- Cyrillic (29. 01. 2015)
- Dream, Faith, Love (13.02.2015)
- Russian night (19. 02. 2015)
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- Great classics (12. 03. 2015)
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- Days of Macedonian music (09. 04. 2015)
- Symphonic concert (23. 04. 2015)
- Spanish guitar (07. 05. 2015)
- Video game (14. 05. 2015)

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