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In the world today live about 7.5 billion people, about 1 billion of which with disabilities and rare conditions. Out of these, 150 million are children. Disability manifests itself as a limitation, when the environment is not favorable to the person. This applies equally to us all! We are born and gain diversities all our life! Let’s learn to accept them! Let’s learn to celebrate them!

This is the reason why you are invited on December 18th at 1 pm in Public Room to finish the year with "Awakening" and models to wake you up and show you the beauty in this world. Different but perfect in their own way.

The campaign started with Ance Tufekcieva, mother of a girl with Down syndrome, founder and member of the Association "Faith" from Strumica and Daniela Mirceska, mother of a child with a rare disease. Irena Mila, Elena Fidanovska, Teana Cardula - photographers and activists, illustrator Verica Piperevska and sociologist Ivana Hadzievska are the ladies who voluntarily started the campaign "Awakening". Aleksandar Matovski – Cako is the model who will open the exhibition and Sara Milenkovska will take care of the dance music.

At the event the collection of poems "The world is thirsty for a word" by Toni Popov will be on sale, and Uniqa insurance and our model Lisa have prepared a surprise. Funds from the book sale will be donated to charity.

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