The exhibition "Acts of Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian-Herzegovinian authors" from the collection of the National Gallery of Macedonia will be resent within the celebration of the jubilee "Seventy Years National Gallery of Macedonia".
The exhibited works belong to the so-called "Yugoslav collection" whose history is closely related to the history of the National Gallery. The collection was created in the first years of the foundation of the gallery. The period of creation of the works ranges from the beginning of the XIX to the middle of the XX century.
About 110 paintings (paintings and sculptures) from the collection of the National Gallery of Macedonia will be presented at the exhibition. The exhibition of art lovers gives a general overview of the stylistic and chronological development of painting and sculpture created by Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian-Herzegovinian authors, processed and presented according to their time and style characteristics depending on the volume and quality of the collection we own it. The most important names of painters and sculptors from the former Yugoslav republics will be presented (Vlaho Bukovac, Miroslav Kraljevic, Uros Predic, Celestin Medovic, Paja Jovanovic, Petar Dobrovic, Petar Lubarda, Zora Petrovic, Djordje Andreevic - Kun, Krsto Hededusic, Omer Muhadzic, Toma Rosandic, Ivan Mestrovic, Antun Augustincic, etc.) whose work depicts the developmental path from classicism to the creation of the modern modern artistic expression.
Also, a part of the original archival documentation related to the formation of this collection will be presented in the period from 1948 to 1954. Through the presentation of this documentation we will recall the huge invested effort, not only the team led by the Art Gallery (Borko Lazeski , Nikola Martinoski), but also the state institutions that selflessly and with great responsibility supported this action and contributed to the National Gallery to possess the richest collection of this type in Macedonia.
Curators of the exhibition are the curators Slavica Aleksoska and Tanja Bundalevska.
Izlozba Nacionalna galerija

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