brangjVlaho Brangjolica is an awarded artist and photographer that was inspired by the Kolochep Island in Croatia, that is also known as Kalamota

alertCreating through recycling is the essence of Evica Kamberova - Stojanoska and Margarita Ivanova's art.  See their recreations of old and unused items at "Phoenix" gallery.

zhThis saturday, starting at 20:00 at the café-bar "Concept 37" a photography exhibition will be held. 60 photographs will be showed that were taken by the participants of the photography course held by Dejan Dzolev and PSM Foundation

slobodan - CopySlobodan Zivkovski specialized industrial design in Paris, and deals with interior and graphic design. His works are large format and, as the critics say, they are a reflection of the time and circumstances they are created.

focNew and fresh products designed by the young generation of creatives will be on display tomorrow at 8PM in Skopje Art Café "Concept 37". 

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