public roomKaterina Mikrut or Mikka design is a designer who comes from Poland. Till now she has made  several collections of clothing, accessories a

javna soba skopje3
We would like to invite you on twelfth edition of the project "Taste of Skopje"! 
Project manager and chef- Mare Janevska.
 Production- Public Room team.
Springland is the biggest producer and exporter on fruits and vegetables in the world! On this land, the vegetables taste amazing and can be found in big amounts in the

dimitar kondovski uemtnikot za umetnicite

“Dimitar Kondovski – The artist for artists” is the title of the exhibition that opens on Monday, April 3rd at 7 pm in the Macedonian National Theater.
The exhibition dedicated to the artwork of Dimitar Kondovski, produced by the Museum of the Macedonian National Theater, will mark 72 years since the performance of the first play "Platon Krechet". Good cause for pointing out another day to remember in the history of MNT, but also in the cultural history of Macedonia, is the 90th anniversary of the birth of undoubtedly the largest and most productive portrait painter, set designer, costume designer, illustrator, artist and art teacher - Dimitar Kondovski.
The authors of the exhibition Jasminka Namiceva and Ekaterina Namiceva through this year's exhibition will try to discover part of "the hidden world" of Kondovski, exposing for the first time to the audience myriad of portraits in various painting techniques, drawings, stage design sketches, costume analyzes and countless seemingly insignificant notes from which were born the portraits of a whole gallery of characters who breathe still in front of us with the timeless breath which with his painting magic, Dimitar Kondovski put in them and elevated them to eternity.
Without the enormous commitment of Mrs. Hildegard Kondovska who wholeheartedly hthelped in the selection of works, this exhibition would have been impossible. Author of the photographs is Filip Kondovski and an expert collaborator is the biggest connoisseur of the work of Kondovski - Mr. Emil Aleksiev. Within the virtual concept developed for several years, the Museum of MNT, for this exhibition as well will make a virtual 360 ° tour, which will be available on the website of MNT.

the females and few males

“The females and few males”, second solo exhibition of Zoran Cardula will open on Saturday, March 25tha t 8 pm in National gallery “Cifte Hamam” in Skopje.
The topic of this exhibition will be the same as in his first, “The Woman” - her beauty, mystique and elegance, but as the name of the exhibition reads few males appear. The works are made in digital graphics (a combination of ink wash techniquewith digital color). Exhibited will be 40 works made in the period from 2015 to 2017.
The exhibition will be open from March 25th to March 31st

izlozba gligor vaskov angel korunovski

Exhibition of works by Gligor Vaskov and Angel Korunovski will be opened on Friday, March 17th  at 8 pm in Gallery YCC.

Angel Korunovski’s sculptures and canvases of Gligor Vaskov are genesis, sublimation of today, with connectivity, fluid, identity in thought and intellect, and in different art areas.

The ten-year friendship, thoughts, observations, illusions, doubts, visions of the two artists, bear and bring to this meaningful project (joint exhibition).

Based solely on the aesthetic character and factor without pretentiousness, limiting their activities, Korunovski - Vaskov choose manipulating elements such as shape, texture, line, tone.

The joint exhibition of sculptor Korunovski and painter Vaskov in the future may encourage a different interaction as a whole, a totally different version to the observer in the given time and space.

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