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Within "Days of Macedonian Photography", organized by the Photo Association of Macedonia, the exhibition "Turkish Contemporary Photography" entitled "10 authors, 10 motifs" in selection the Tuna Akcay, will be open on December 1st at Cifte Amam, at 7.30 pm.

“Days of Macedonian Photography ", the central event that shows the best in the annual photographic production, the Photo Association of Macedonia realized as a series of activities: annual national exhibition of photographs, exhibition of independent artists, photo workshops ...

The last five years received international character, by presenting the photographic work of one of the nearby countries. In cooperation with the Turkish Cultural Institute "Yunus Emre" - Skopje, this year will be presented part of Turkey's photographic production, at the exhibition entitled "10 authors, 10 motifs."

Photographers participating in the exhibition are leading names in this field, honored with prominent awards at national and international level.

скопје постер фестивал

The ninth edition of the International Skopje Poster Festival will be happening from November 21st  to November 30th at the Museum of the City of Skopje.

"Plakart" organizes this festival dedicated mainly to students of graphic design and visual communications, as well as professional artists and designers. This year's theme of the festival will be "Identity crisis" and the idea is to show designs that oppose gender, national, religious or any other division.

To the call for participation, besides domestic over 1,500 young designers from the world have responded. The winners will be selected by an expert international jury. Winners will be announced on November 21st at 8 pm on the opening of the exhibition that will last 9 days.

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On Thursday, November 10th, at the gallery "Cifte Amam" opens the 15th International Biennial of Photographic Art Photomedia, organized by Photo Club "Elema" from Skopje. The exhibition will present over two hundred photographs from all over the world. Winner of the prestigious Grand Prix Award "Plaque of the City of Skopje" is Arkadiusz Branitski from Poland and traditionally the award is given on the occasion of November 13, the day of the City of Skopje. The exhibition will be opened by Elizabeta Avramovska, painter and university professor, followed by traditional Photomedia party.
According to Boro Rudic (MF FSM), which together with Zoran Purger (MF FSS, Serbia) and Yavor Popov (Bulgaria), made the selection and awarded the prizes, a feature of this year's Photomedia is the final stop to the continuing decline in the number of posted works. For the first time in ten years there is an increase of 15 percent in received works from the last exhibition. If this a sign that the real authors slowly get bored of the digital exhibitions and their way of working, where presentations of photos usually end up only as a projection on a wall, or is this pure coincidence, time will tell, says Rudic, in the opening speech for the catalog of Photomedia 2016. Photomedia is one of the few exhibitions in the world that still cherishes exclusively print photograph, authorial approach dominates and by that is recognized in the World Photographic Association (FIAP).


The 12th solo exhibition of Strumica painter Vane Kosturanov titled "Detours" will be open on November 4th at 8 pm in the gallery at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje.

The cycle “Detours” is directed towards exploration of unknown places, landscapes, worlds ... which can be reached only if wondering outside the familiar, out of the space captured by determinants; which, in turn, is the first step in the adventure of each voyage: physical, mental, artistic, personal...


Vane Kosturanovis a painter, born in 1979 in Strumica. He has participated in several group exhibitions and had 11 solo exhibitions. Even as a child he liked more to express by drawing and illustrating, rather than in words.


dusica stepanoska izlozbaStepanoska will present the latest works at the exhibition titled "Dialogue with the music."

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