The exhibition "Acts of Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian-Herzegovinian authors" from the collection of the National Gallery of Macedonia will be resent within the celebration of the jubilee "Seventy Years National Gallery of Macedonia".
The exhibited works belong to the so-called "Yugoslav collection" whose history is closely related to the history of the National Gallery. The collection was created in the first years of the foundation of the gallery. The period of creation of the works ranges from the beginning of the XIX to the middle of the XX century.
About 110 paintings (paintings and sculptures) from the collection of the National Gallery of Macedonia will be presented at the exhibition. The exhibition of art lovers gives a general overview of the stylistic and chronological development of painting and sculpture created by Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Bosnian-Herzegovinian authors, processed and presented according to their time and style characteristics depending on the volume and quality of the collection we own it. The most important names of painters and sculptors from the former Yugoslav republics will be presented (Vlaho Bukovac, Miroslav Kraljevic, Uros Predic, Celestin Medovic, Paja Jovanovic, Petar Dobrovic, Petar Lubarda, Zora Petrovic, Djordje Andreevic - Kun, Krsto Hededusic, Omer Muhadzic, Toma Rosandic, Ivan Mestrovic, Antun Augustincic, etc.) whose work depicts the developmental path from classicism to the creation of the modern modern artistic expression.
Also, a part of the original archival documentation related to the formation of this collection will be presented in the period from 1948 to 1954. Through the presentation of this documentation we will recall the huge invested effort, not only the team led by the Art Gallery (Borko Lazeski , Nikola Martinoski), but also the state institutions that selflessly and with great responsibility supported this action and contributed to the National Gallery to possess the richest collection of this type in Macedonia.
Curators of the exhibition are the curators Slavica Aleksoska and Tanja Bundalevska.
Izlozba Nacionalna galerija
On October 14, 2018, at 12:00 pm, an exhibition of photographs "I am an Albanian" dedicated to the Albanian diaspora for centuries "I am an Albanian".
Venue: National Gallery of Macedonia, building: Mala Stanica, Skopje
Organized by the National History Museum of Albania, the National Gallery of Macedonia and the Institute for Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of the Albanians in Macedonia.
The exhibition on the topic of migration of the Albanians contains photographic material for the Albanian diaspora for centuries. The exhibition starts chronologically with a picture of national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeg, as representative of the glorious era of the Albanians, and the time when the first waves of Albanian emigration began.
The exhibition also features photographs from the first Arabeschi and their resettlement in southern Italy, paintings by Arvanitasis and the Albanian revival. The photo of the first immigrant in the United States is an important moment in the exhibition, followed by paintings from the first patriotic societies in Sofia and Bucharest, Cairo, Istanbul and Vienna. The rest of the exhibition, but not least, is presented through photographs of successful Albanian personalities in their countries of emigration.
Jas sum albanec
Startup Weekend for the incredible 7th time in Skopje!
From October 19 to October 21 at CEED Hub Skopje #SWSkopje
One of the biggest events for entrepreneurship that is happening globally, this fall will be held in Skopje. It represents a perfect event for encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of all who have a business idea or a desire to start their own business.
Startup Weekend is a 54 - hour event where enthusiasts, programmers, marketing experts, students and entrepreneurs are join together in order to generate new business ideas and successfully realize them. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals from various fields - finance, business, marketing, IT, design, who are local and international startup experts.
Start up weekend
The National Gallery of Macedonia, during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of its establishing, will present the retrospective exhibition of the Macedonian sculptor Dragan Poposki Dada. The exhibition will open on October 24 at 8 pm in the Daut Pasha Hamam building. 
Dragan Poposki Dada was born in Prilep in 1933. Academy of Fine Arts (1961) and postgraduate studies (1964) graduated in Belgrade, in the class of prof. John Kratochvil. Worked as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. Study tours took place in Greece, Italy, England, France, Germany, Poland, USA. Since 1965, he has realized several independent exhibitions and participated in numerous group presentations in the country and abroad. He is the author of several monumental works and has won numerous awards, including the highest republican award "11 October" in 1981.
Dragan Poposki's artistic development road - Dada is long, with several developmental creative stages. His forms have specific inspirational sources in nature and the things surrounding him, given in the form of mild stylization, through more or less associative forms that select the details to the extent of minimizing their association. On the other hand, his figures are also subtly stylized, with a monumental feeling in the careful building of the relationship of the masses. The exhibition will include sculptures and drawings from all creative periods of the significant Macedonian artist Dragan Poposki Dada. The exhibition will be open until November 24, 2018.



Cultural Information Center

May 22 - Jun 2

Project – Photography exhibition EXIT

The new exhibition of photography is titled EXIT. It contains 40 to 50 photographs, but the final exhibited works will depend of the space.

All photographs are printed on handmade paper and this will be the first exhibition in Macedonia of

this kind, and wide on Balkan. This exhibition was set on Days of Serbian photography, last year in

Cacak. As a result of extraordinary feedback from audience, many invitations has come for exhibition

in Paracin (Cultural center, 2017), Bor (National library, 2017), Zajecar (gallery, Radul Begov Konak,


Project EXIT contain 4 cycles. Firs is ENTRY, entry in the city, in habitat, going to place where people live, quest for better life, mostly material. Second cycle is called MESSAGES; it is city by his own, messages from the city. City is empty, alienated, hard for living. Third cycle is EXIT – leaving city, going outside, need for searching better, more human space for living. Forth cycle is FINISH like freedom, broadness, opportunity of escape, rebirth.

On the exhibition it will be promoted also the book with same title EXIT, which contains all photographs from the exhibition. The book will be with luxury design and hard cover.

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