саем на книга

The 29th International Book Fair  is opening on Tuesday, April 4th at Skopje Fair. The Book Fair as one of the most important cultural events in the country provides the highest concentration of works by local and foreign authors, contemporary and classical literary works, professional scientific literature and fiction, textbooks and school manuals, encyclopedias and works of culture and art.
The 29th Book Fair will undoubtedly be a place of literary readings and speeches of eminent authors in this area which will again underscore the power of literary works as an essential factor for the cultural heritage of each nation.The Book Fair is a place to gather the largest domestic publishers and publishers from the region, making this fair one of the most attractive events with the number of visitors moving around 40,000.
Reading a book gives luxury to the soul.
The Book Fair is open from 10 ama to 8 pm every day until April 10th

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