mebel 2017The 43rd International Fair of Furniture, Household and Social Buildings Equipment, Manufacturing Supplies and Furniture Industry Machinery - MEBEL 2017, will be held within March 21st-26th.

The International Fair MEBEL, as one of the most attractive exhibition in our country and abroad, is memorized and anticipated for its most striking displays showing not just furniture, but sleek kitchens and elegant bath fittings, lighting, floors and wall decorations, upholsteries, as well as office furniture for every taste, furniture for public facilities, furniture and accessories for gardens being decorated with love, as well as the latest technical and technologic achievements of reproduction materials, machines and equipment for processing wood that deserve full attention.

MEBEL 2017 will be held on total surface of 16,000 square meters exhibition area, where more than 60,000 interested visitors visit the stands of MEBEL with over 400 international exhibitors from 20 countries make this fair exciting and refreshing experience full of fun.

The fair is open from 10am to 7 pm.

bazar vo cresha bar

Join a leisure hangout and admire the skillful artisans in Cresha Bar on Saturday, March 4th. At noon mini the bazaar of crafts and handicrafts opens for all art lovers.
Participating are:

Elain Crafts

Karlo Horvat

Naer Vaer

Vladodlak Imaginarium

M craft's

Ilina Design

Mei Ro

saem na gradeznistvo

The 4th International Fair of Construction, Building Materials and Construction Mechanization and the 7th REALEXPO - International Real Estate Exhibition, which from year to year notes a growing interest among the citizens, will start on Tuesday, February 28th and runs until Saturday, March 4th.

Metropolis Arena is the place where this specialized and very substantial business event of the construction and architectonic branch in the Republic of Macedonia and the region, will host meetings with direct clients in this industry.

This fair which is one of the most significant in Macedonia helps promoting novelties, launching products, winning new customers and meeting the new technical achievements in the civil engineering. Build and Construct compounds all activities in one complex: starting from planning to final realization.

Within the Construction Fair 2017 in Metropolis Arena the 7th REALEXPO - International Real Estate Exhibition will be happening. The fair will offer and sell products and services for the operation, maintenance, modernization, renovation and equipping of facilities.

During the fair, experts in the field of energy efficiency will present measures and benefits of introducing systems and methods for energy savings. Energy efficiency is slowly becoming a significant part of the construction industry and interested citizens during the fair will have the opportunity to learn about the best ways of saving energy in buildings.

The fair will be open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, and the cost of entry will be 80 denars for individual and 40 denars for collective visits.

isvkusi ja makedonija

How much do you really know Macedonia? Have you ridden a horse through the green hills of Galichnik or flown a kite over the blue Ohrid Lake? Have you tried green wine from Kavadarci or fruit delight from Krusevo?
“Experience and taste Macedonia in Ramstore Mall” on February 24 and 25th from 10 am to 6 pm at the fair for traditional Macedonian food and active tourism! Over 30 delicious, traditional products that are not regularly available in Skopje will be on sale - wines from small Tikvesh wineries, Krusevo domestic jams, organic Veles honey and many others.
At the same time, the fair will offer insight in the rich tourist offer of Macedonia and options to book one of the many adventures offered at reduced prices –mountain cycling in Mariovo, tandem paragliding in Ohrid, horseback riding in Galichnik and more!
The fair “Is(v)kusi ja Makedonija” (Experience and taste Macedonia) is organized by the USAID Project for expansion of small businesses, co-financed by the Swiss Government in cooperation with Ramstore Mall and Local Action Groups from Pelagonia, Vardar, Polog and the Northeast Region.

bridal fashion night skopje meriot hotel

The fifth “Bridal Fashion Night” is happening at Skopje Marriott Hotel on February 12th starting at 7.30 pm. The event is traditionally organized by the team of “Skopje Fashion Weekend” and will be an opportunity for couples at the hotel to find their perfect place for their wedding day.

The brides’ night under the motto “REAL VENUE FOR REAL BRIDES” will open with the fashion show of wedding salon “Ziane” and one of the most famous Macedonian media persons for the first time will put on a wedding dress with the signature of designer Ziane Bakiu.

The evening will continue with shows of eminent “Al Aparel” by Natasha Karcheva and the latest collection “Timeless beauty” and “Elizabet design studio” with creations inspired by life energy, symbolically called “Vigor”.

Fashion shows will have also studio “Vlora & Kaltrina” and the fashion house “Menakon” from Kosovo who for several seasons present new collections to the Macedonian public.
The evening will close with the fashion show of designer Jasmina Drakul.

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