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Garabet Tavitjan - Garo is a Macedonian drummer, born in Skopje in 1953. The legendary balkan drummer with Armenian origin, is known worldwide and during his career has established a reputation as the best drummer on the Balkans. This legendary master musician has been a learning example for young generations with performances of over 1200 big concerts, mostly in big arenas, concert halls and stadiums (not gigs or club performances).

He started playing drums at 12 and took part as a drummer in almost every important group in Yugoslavia. From 1976 he was a member of the greatest Macedonian rock band "Leb i Sol" where he played drums and percussions and composed music on numerous albums of the band. From 1990 he ans been playing in the group "Paramecium", which he founded. In his long music career, he has composed music for ballet and theater performances for which he recived a number of awards.
One of the most prestigious tribute he was honored with was the “Permanent Values Award”.  Tavitjan has distinguished himself as a superb instrumentalist in his professional collaboration with the most prominent musicians from, both in his country part and abroad.

garabet tavitjan

Tavitjan has distinguished himself as a superb instrumentalist in his professional collaboration with the most prominent musicians from the both this part of the world and abroad. His music is characterized by folk motifs transformed in his genuine manner of interpretation of the rhythm: irregular 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8 beat and improvisations. He presented himself as a master of his instrument - the drums, playing role of composer, a score writer, and a multi - instrumentalist. 

Tavitjan's recent performance marked his jubilee of 50 YEARS OF PLAYING AND COMPOSING MUSIC and his latest solo project was a concert conceptualized for percussion instruments: drums, percussion, bells, church bells, metal barells, piano, gongs, saucepans and rhythm machines.This project, as well as the entire Tavitjan`s output concentrates on his authentic rhythm patterns and the Macedonian traditional music.

Garabet Tavitjan is the most acclaimed Macedonian drummer, one of the most respected music ambassadors among the few musicians who enjoy the privilege of having a status of a “legend” in the music world of the Balkans, Europe and beyond. 

tavitjan brothers

His two sons Diran and Garo jr, also know as Tavitjan brothers, have followed his musical path and are well known as highest quality composers, performes and also music producers who collaborated and shared the stage with jazz giants like Joe Zawinull, Chick Corea, Mc Coy Tyner, Blues Brothers, Rhani Krija (STING), Theodosii Spassov , Branford Marsalis , Roseanna Vitro, Richard Galiano and many ers. With more than 400 international concert performances across Europe, USA and Balkans, the music range of these superb musicians starts from mainstream jazz to fusion, ethno and electronic elements in a modern manner with accent on virtuosity of each musician involved. 

They have performed on numerous international festivals and concerts worldwide and received a number of international music awards. Their original music and performance was highly estimated by several world wide critics including Jazz Times Magazine, Jazz dimensions, All about Jazz, Concerto etc. They have produced over 150 compositions, music plays and soundtracks in collaboration with the Greatest Balkan and Macedonian pop singers.  Their numerous worldwide performances also include the legendary Blue Note jazz club in NYC. Diran & Garo Tavitjan are the first Macedonian "pianist and drummer" which performed at this legendary venue. With their continous work over the past 15 years, Tavitjan brothers earned their place as one of the leading and the finest musicians from Macedonia.

Nikola Ristanovski (born January 23, 1969 in Ostrava, Czech Republic) -  is Macedonian theater, film and television actor.

Ristanovski was born in the Czech city of Ostrava on 23 January 1969, and when he was 7 years old, his family moved to Tetovo. In high school, he was a member of the drama club. At the time, persuaded by Professor Nada Geshoska, he participated in a play in Osijek, Croatia where Ristanovski and his colleagues presented the "Crimes and Punishment" by Dostoevsky and won the first prize of the jury, led by Fabian Shovagovic. Driven by this success, Ristanovski decided to study acting, but was rejected three times the entrance exam at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, where it fell in the first year of studies. However, later, as a student was invited to play in a theatrical performance, which was a recognition of his talent. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, department for acting in 1993.

After graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje Ristanovski became part of the Macedonian National Theater in 1994. First professional representation at the Macedonian National Theater was "George Dando", directed by Branko Stavrev, followed by a role in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" of Dukovski, directed by Aleksandar Popovski. Two years later, Ristanovski shining role in the cult show "Bure barut" During his career, Ristanovski played 41 performances and 15 films in which he won 28 prizes, he is the most awarded Macedonian actor. Most collaborated with Aleksandar Popovski (10 plays and 3 films) and had the most appearances in stops "Bure barut" (over 150 appearances). Also Ristanovski had a rich career abroad, where he played in the popular and award-winning performances "Gentlemen Glembaevi" and "Dervish and Death". In 2016, Ristanovski performed in "Needle below" the Montenegrin director Ivan Marinovic.



Darko Pancev maicka

Skopje born Golden Boot winner Darko Pancev feels a special connection with his hometown. That is why despite many opportunities through his fruitfull football carrier, he lived but never stayed elsewhere. Family, friends, the old neighbourhoods, childhood memories, all this is what makes Skopje special in the heart of the reknown Macedonian footballer. Acknowledging the city breathes with a different energy since the mid 1960-es and his childhood, Darko still believes Skopje evolves carrying a special energy that draws many foreigners.

-As a friend of mine once told me, every city that has a river is a beautiful city. Friends come to Skopje on my invitation and love the city despite not knowing exactly where they are headed at first. Though, after discovering the city’s charm, the temperament of our people, their friendliness, they instantly fill welcomed and cozy. Rarely a city in the world has a mountain, in such proximity to the center like Vodno mountain helping Skopje breathe while offering a splendid view from the Millenium Cross – says Pancev.

The Stone Bridge over Vardar river leading to the Skopje Fortress, The Old Bazaar, monuments old and modern ones, in the city or in its vicinity like the Aqueduct, many churches as well as green retreats like the Matka Canyon and Treska Lake, the City Park, Vodno Mountain, Vrelo Cave…

These are just some of the many reasons for not missing a unique experience and visiting Skopje, a city with inexhaustible energy, a city that almost never sleeps.

The t-shirt given to Darko Pancev is hand-made by Martin Jakimov and the drawing is by Monica Blazhevska.
They opened their companies with support and as part of the UNDP program. demonstrates its social responsibility by promoting companies founded by people with disabilities and young entrepreneurs. 

blagoj nacoski

Italy based and  internationally recognized and awarded Macedonian tenor Blagoj Nacoski is born in Skopje in 1979.

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Darko Pancev nicknamed Kobra, born in Skopje on September 7th 1965, is a retired Macedonian footballer and winner of the Golden Boot award in 1991. Pancev was the highest scorer in top-division European football in the season 1990–91 with 34 goals, and should have won the European Golden Boot award. Since UEFA decided to make the competition unofficial for the season because of suspect scoring sprees in Cyprus, Pancev did not get the prize at the time, but received it fifteen years later on August 3rd 2006 in Skopje. The Golden Boot was presented at a special gala by Michel Platini, Dragan Stojkovic and Dragan Dzajic.

Pancev started his playing career in 1982 at the football club “Vardar Skopje” where he quickly developed into one of the most feared strikers in the Yugoslav First League, becoming league top scorer in the season 1983–84. The skill and seeming ease of his goal scoring exploits in Skopje made him a target for bigger Yugoslav clubs.
During summer 1988, Pancev was snapped up by “Red Star Belgrade”, which beat cross-town rivals FK “Partizan” to the signature of Pancev then 22. He debuted for his new club in 1989 and played three full seasons scoring an incredible 84 goals from 91 league appearances, and winning the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup in 1991. 

During the early 1990s he was recognized as one of the best strikers in the world, displaying great goalscoring instincts and predatory skills, so he got nicknamed Kobra by the Serbian sports media. 
In summer 1992 Pancev (then 26) was signed by “Internazionale” in a high profile transfer with the 14 billion ITL (7 million £) fee paid to “Red Star”. Head coach Bagnoli reproached the player for lack of movement and his performances were nowhere near the expectations so his relationship with Bagnoli took a turn for the worse, as Italian press got down on the striker too. During his debut season, Pancev appeared in just twelve league matches scoring one league goal in addition to four goals in five Coppa Italia appearances. He remained in Inter for the season 1993-94, although he was completely out of the first-team picture.

Darko pancev tokio

In January 1994, during the winter break, Pancev got loaned out to German team “VfB Leipzig” where he scored two goals in ten matches during Bundesliga spring half-season. He returned to San Siro following a six-month loan but due to subsequent loss of form and injuries he made the total of only seven league appearances during the campaign. During the summer 1995 transfer window, Pancev got offloaded to “Fortuna Düsseldorf”. He ended his playing career to Swiss team “Sion” in 1997.

Pncev played in 1990 World Cup for Yugoslavia and scored two goals in the 4–1 win over the UAE in the first round. It proved to be the only ainternational tournament he played in, due to the ban on Yugoslavia participating in Euro 1992 because of the war in Bosnia at the time, although by the end of the European qualifying group stages, he was the top marksman on the continent with ten goals for the group qualifying stage. He played in the first ever official match of Macedonia, played on October 13, 1993, against Slovenia.

Darko Pancev

In November 2003, to celebrate UEFA's Jubilee, he was selected as the Golden Player of Macedonia by the Football Federation of the Republic of Macedonia as their most outstanding player of the past 50 years.
After retiring from playing, Pancev worked with the Football Federation of Macedonia. In July 2006, Pancev was named the sporting director of Vardar. He lives in his hometown with wife singer Maja Grozdanovska and two daughters Nadica and Marija. In 2013 Italian punk band “ProsTaTito” dedicated the song "Darko Pancev" to the Macedonian footballer.

darko pancev golden boot

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