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Garabet Tavitjan - Garo is a Macedonian drummer, born in Skopje in 1953. The legendary balkan drummer with Armenian origin, is known worldwide and during his career has established a reputation as the best drummer on the Balkans. This legendary master musician has been a learning example for young generations with performances of over 1200 big concerts, mostly in big arenas, concert halls and stadiums (not gigs or club performances).


He started playing drums at 12 and took part as a drummer in almost every important group in Yugoslavia. From 1976 he was a member of the greatest Macedonian rock band "Leb i Sol" where he played drums and percussions and composed music on numerous albums of the band. From 1990 he ans been playing in the group "Paramecium", which he founded. In his long music career, he has composed music for ballet and theater performances for which he recived a number of awards.
One of the most prestigious tribute he was honored with was the “Permanent Values Award”.  Tavitjan has distinguished himself as a superb instrumentalist in his professional collaboration with the most prominent musicians from, both in his country part and abroad.

garabet tavitjan

Tavitjan has distinguished himself as a superb instrumentalist in his professional collaboration with the most prominent musicians from the both this part of the world and abroad. His music is characterized by folk motifs transformed in his genuine manner of interpretation of the rhythm: irregular 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and 13/8 beat and improvisations. He presented himself as a master of his instrument - the drums, playing role of composer, a score writer, and a multi - instrumentalist. 

Tavitjan's recent performance marked his jubilee of 50 YEARS OF PLAYING AND COMPOSING MUSIC and his latest solo project was a concert conceptualized for percussion instruments: drums, percussion, bells, church bells, metal barells, piano, gongs, saucepans and rhythm machines.This project, as well as the entire Tavitjan`s output concentrates on his authentic rhythm patterns and the Macedonian traditional music.

Garabet Tavitjan is the most acclaimed Macedonian drummer, one of the most respected music ambassadors among the few musicians who enjoy the privilege of having a status of a “legend” in the music world of the Balkans, Europe and beyond. 

tavitjan brothers

His two sons Diran and Garo jr, also know as Tavitjan brothers, have followed his musical path and are well known as highest quality composers, performes and also music producers who collaborated and shared the stage with jazz giants like Joe Zawinull, Chick Corea, Mc Coy Tyner, Blues Brothers, Rhani Krija (STING), Theodosii Spassov , Branford Marsalis , Roseanna Vitro, Richard Galiano and many ers. With more than 400 international concert performances across Europe, USA and Balkans, the music range of these superb musicians starts from mainstream jazz to fusion, ethno and electronic elements in a modern manner with accent on virtuosity of each musician involved. 

They have performed on numerous international festivals and concerts worldwide and received a number of international music awards. Their original music and performance was highly estimated by several world wide critics including Jazz Times Magazine, Jazz dimensions, All about Jazz, Concerto etc. They have produced over 150 compositions, music plays and soundtracks in collaboration with the Greatest Balkan and Macedonian pop singers.  Their numerous worldwide performances also include the legendary Blue Note jazz club in NYC. Diran & Garo Tavitjan are the first Macedonian "pianist and drummer" which performed at this legendary venue. With their continous work over the past 15 years, Tavitjan brothers earned their place as one of the leading and the finest musicians from Macedonia.

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