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Visit the selling exhibition of Mikka design on April 5th at  Public room at 8 pm and select your favorite stylish handmade product for this spring.

Katerina Mikrut or Mikka design is a designer who comes from Poland. Her brand incorporates several collections of clothing, accessories and jewelry, which have been presented at fashion events in Skopje and Bitola. The main inspirations of Mikrut are materials themselves, their combinations, experimenting with them, their diversion, reuse and handmade techniques, primarily knitting.

The latest line consists of handbags, shoes and fashion accessories. In all of them industry and nature connect. She uses and diverts industrial materials,untypical of the fashion industry, which appear along with natural materials.

This is her first line of shoes. For 3 years she has been working on repairs and artistic redesign, and these are the first made from scratch. The shoemaking for Mikrut is a new, real challenge.

Entrance is free!


Under the motto "Pure individuality" on March 31st at 6.30 pm in the salon "Porsche Macedonia" will open the 15th jubilee edition of Skopje Fashion Weekend, which runs until April 2nd. The season Spring-Summer 2017 will open the show of Jovana Filipovic with the collection for spring-summer 2017 which is an homage to the cooperation that began five years ago between Filipovic and "Pelisterka." Then the audience will see the latest collection of unique Italian jewelry from "Sigma Jewelry" entitled "Spring is the time for beautiful things."

For the first time at Skopje Fashion Weekend showing will be Emira Imeri with the collection "Heyoka" for Spring-Summer 2017. The evening will wrap up with the collection of "Alshar" titled "Out of Africa". After the shows at the same location- "Porsche Macedonia" from 10:30 pm visitors will celebrate April 1st with a party.

The second day will start at the same time 6.30 pm with a group show of 15 students from the Faculty of Art and Design at the European University R. Macedonia, called "Chic-shock effect." There will be a show of "Linea collection". For the first time at Fashion Weekend Skopje will present "Atelier Kocareva" with the collection "History is written by the winners" followed by "Marsin" and the collection "Bond lady". At the end of the second night we will see the latest collection of Irina Tosheva.

The last day on April 2nd from 7 pm the audience will see "Walon fashion group" with the collection "Plumes et Perles", the "Paolo Bocelli" show, Sarah Redzic and "Elize". At the end of the fifteenth Skopje Fashion Weekend showing will be the three finalists selected at the recent contest "Fashion Scout SEE": "Victor Kaiser", "Shaleva Couture" and "Ana Marija". They first showed on Belgrade Fashion Week on March 28th, where the most talented Balkan designer was selected to show at London Fashion Week in September.


botany vo concept 37

See the spring refreshment by EJSI&Aini design. The hand painted bags from the “BOTANY” collection are full of color.
Take Magnolia. This tree with beautiful flowers becomes part of your wardrobe or pick jasmine, plumbago, romantic and fresh.
Dominating this collection are purple and blue colors, especially green through the philodendron leaves. Spring and summer are the perfect opportunity to be bolder and combine colors.
Welcome this Wednesday, April 13th at Concept 37 at 8 pm and see the bags that resulted from the cooperation between Stevco Naumoski and Eli Ain.
Stevco Naumoski is a graduate designer. Currently designer at EJSI. More at: https://www.facebook.com/EJSI.design
Eli Ain got her MA at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. The last few years has been active in the field of design. More at: https://www.facebook.com/Aini-design-602478589889147/
Take the spring with you, at a promotional price during the exhibition.

vreme e za osumdesettiteThirteen fashion shows at the 13th Skopje Fashion Weekend happening from April 1st to April 4th under the slogan "Long live the eighties!"

Pobednicka na TFM 2014For the fifth time the Association of Citizens OHO will organize “Trash Fashion Macedonia”, a competition of creations made with reused materials, with the official show held on June 3rd in the Youth cultural center to mark World Environment Day. 

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