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16th – 23rd August 2018

Kurshumli An

A young and rarely avant-garde festival celebrating the creative documentary film. One of the most powerful catapults for creating cinema audience in Macedonia. It overwhelms, they say, with its warmth and quality. The wonderful Kurshumli An vibrates with film stories, workshops and live performances, doc-talks under a magical fig tree and music under the night sky. Out in the open, every summer since 2010.

This onion-scented multilayered platform aims to promote creative documentary film production in Macedonia and to support documentary storytelling in general. MakeDox focuses on creating a stimulating environment for the exchange of experience and knowledge of documentary creation and promotion of films with cinematographic quality, offering the creative point of view of an author, both in terms of content as well as in form.

Deadline for submission 25th of May 2018

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Seven is a number of special importance in almost all cultures. Namely, it is a happy number. For us, the number seven this year also has special significance because in April, in the Cinematheque of Macedonia, for the seventh time the doors for the Film Festival for children and youth (BUFF) will be opened.

And this year with special attention we have made the selection of films. The program contains five current and exciting feature films, which have been evaluated by the Federal Commission for the valuation of films and media of Germany and which as exceptionally valuable works have been awarded the "valuable" or "valuable" rating. We assure all the fans of the film that for everyone there will be something exciting, stimulating, fun or instructive and, of course, that there will be something for everyone's taste.

All films from the film program will be shown in original with translation in Macedonian and Albanian language. They are intended for all children who can read the translation or understand the German language.

Monday, April 23 at 12:00h - April 28 at 15:00h


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The favorite urban cultural event "Skopje Creativity 2018" will be held this year from May 11 to 13 in the Youth Cultural Center and on the locations around the institution (outdoor bars, cafe bar Frosina...). Since the first edition of 2012, when the organizers introduced the term creative industries to date, in the wake of the seventh edition, we can freely say that this branch has become recognizable and widely accepted in our country.

The festival aims to encourage the development of creative industries, which requires education of citizens and young people for creating new products. Through the development of skills and the intensification of cooperation between the sectors culture and economy, the ultimate goal will be fulfilled - the creative potential to be put into function of the economic development. In the previous editions, we could see various forms of art: hand-made jewelry, avant-garde design pieces of young designers, hand-decorated and restored old furniture, posters with graphic solutions that transmit powerful messages ... This year we have a record 44 events arranged in three days: workshops, lectures, workshops for children, high school students, designers ... "Skopje Creativity 2018" after the competition of the public institution Congress Center "Aleksandar Makedonski", based on the annual program for the work of the institute flocks in 2018, supported a number of projects, including: Round forms (photography exhibition) Dejan Dzolev; Magic of you on MATA, fashion design; The ladies from Avignon in the 3D model - Architectural faculty Skopje, prof. Elizabeta Avramovska with the students; House of Desires - workshop for children with special needs, Action reaction Skopje; Pilot comic shop Devetka, Comic Square; SOS Brutalism - jewelry, Vesna Kondova and Adela Celecia; Hooker - workshop for short feature film, mentor: Zagorka Pop Antoska - Andovska, associate: Vladimir Dimovski; Silver factors - popup shop, Ivana Sekuloska; Do you love Macedonia - Short eco video, authors: Nikola Stojkovski, Photo Studio Tiho - Aleksandar Kundic, students from PS Strasho Pindzur, Skopje ... and others.


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dance fest

Wednesday, April 4 at 20:00h - 22:00h

Macedonian National theater

This year the festival will be held for the 14th time which is the seventh year of the existence of the Skopje Dance Theater. For the opening of the festival they offer you two wonderful pieces that are choreographed by the Artistic Director of Skopje Dance Theater Risima Risimkin and the young choreographer Adriana Dancevska.

"Orlandina" is a play dedicated to Rosana Hrbar. Inspired by Orlando's novel by Virginia Woolf, the Orlandina-based choreography is an intimate dancer's story narrated through the appearance of three strong women of different cultural, political and time periods: Virginia Woolf, Risima Risimkin, and Rosana Hirbar. The play is also composed by the composer Toni Kitanovski who made a new, original music for the performance, as well as the remarkable Alan Hranitelj, a world-class costume designer, who also worked for the Curque du Soleil.

Choreography: Adrianna Danchevska

Play: Matea Kiselichka, Aleksandra Petrushevska, Anastasia Danchevska, Dejan Bitrovski, Jakub Munko, Sarah Cvetkovska, Jovanka Zajkova, Boban Rousseki and Tereza Lazarev

Music: Aleksandar Grozdanovski

Costumes: Blagoj Micevski




MODOARS 2018 Contemporary Music Festival proudly announces its exclusive art event "Akustik Elektroniks". On April 12 - Thursday at “Stanica 26" club, starting at 22:00 hours, there will be a concert of Ema Popovoda - piano and Aleksandar Petrov - drum with songs on famous electronic hits through the history of electronic music - Kraftwerk, New Order, Bronski beat, Derrick May, Frankie Knuckles, Prodigy, Orbital, Denny Tenaglia, DJ Rolando, Moby, Takashi Nakajima, The Knife, Layo & Bushwaka, The Shapeshifters ....

The visualizations for the concert were made by Milan Tocinovski, and after the concert there will be a DJ set of Mirko Popov and Tea Shaldeva.

The general sponsor of the event is Eurolink Osiguruvanje. The event will also be held with the support of OKTA, Ministry of Culture, Antenna5 Radio Network Macedonia and production of LIBERUS LEGIS Music Universalis.

Tickets for a price of 300 denars can be purchased through the online purchase network of buy tickets for everything and online at the following link https://www.kupikartizase.com/Events/acoustics_electronics_1204

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