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One of the biggest hitmakers of today- superstar dj Alan Walker- headliner of Skopje Calling 2018!

As part of the 25 years celebration, and with a wish to turn Skopje into a persistent touristic destination, the organizers “Avalon Production” decided to extend Skopje Calling to two weekends.

The headliner of the first weekend of Skopje Calling - Alan Walker, absolutely one of the biggest names in the electronic music scene at the moment, will perform on 2nd June, at ARM Stadium.

Even though he is only 20 years old, Walker has become one of the most listened artists on YouTube and has achieved huge success in the electronic music scene. His hits “Faded”, “Alone”, and “Sing Me To Sleep” topped the charts and have become platinum in more than 10 countries.

For this year, Walker has announced new music, as well as a world tour, in which the Macedonian and Balkan public will have the opportunity to see him for the first time, on Skopje Calling 2018!

Tickets are on sale priced 1000 den and 1500 denars through the sales network of Kupikartizase.  

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The Independent Music Festival “EARTHQUAKE: 6” is taking place on Saturday, February 3rd from 7 pm until 5am at MKC - Youth Cultural Center.

Tickets priced 200 denars in a limited number can be purchased at the MKC's ticket office.

“Earthquake” is a music festival of Macedonian independent record labels, initiated in 2012 by “Napravi Zaedno” (current “Balkan Veliki”), “Sixtynine Records” and “PMG Recordings”, and realized in cooperation with the Youth Cultural Center. Every year, “Earthquake” presents the freshest of the Macedonian alternative music scene.

In addition to the music program at three stages, in the hall of MKC will be placed editions of the record labels as well as promotional materials of the bands.

фен мо танц фест

Dance Fest begins the year of the dance with an extraordinary Chinese play to open the season. The performance "Fen Mo" will be performed on January 24th at the Macedonian National Theater in Skopje.
The play "Fen Mo" is inspired by the saying "If a painter using all the ink can allude to the five colors, then he knows the essence of painting, but he must not focus solely on the colors, because he will move away from the essence" from the book "Records of painting of all dynasties" by Yan Yuan Zang from the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

The choreographer tries to revive the unique aesthetic form of Chinese painting through the movements of the dancers. The choreography uses traditional Chinese elements such as "breath", "crutches", "hair", "sleeves", "sword", "fan", "umbrella" and "dress" to convey feelings of friendship, sadness, indignation , annoyance, excellence, relaxation and love in the Chinese spiritual world, which contains the essence of Chinese classics.
Tickets are on sale at the MNT ticket office. The price of the ticket is 400 den.

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The international festival of comedy "Gola Mesecina" (Naked Moon) will be held from June 19 to June 26 in the Municipality of Aerodrom.

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Be a part of traditional “Sound of Green” festival of Pakomak in cooperation with Password Production.

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