The body building and fitness club Atanasovski was founded in September 1992, with a modest area of ​​barely 50 m2.

Two years later, the club experienced the first transformation of a completely new space, then already with an available 120 m2 in the circle of the School for children with visual impairments, also in Kisela Voda, when in fact the members of the club recorded significant sports results with won first places in the republican level, and in 1997 the club became an absolute champion of Macedonia by number of prices won at the state competition in Struga.
By its total exercise equipment the club is among the top brands for Bodies Building and Fitness, ie Techno gym, Sports art, Precor and others.

Contact: Bozidar Adzija no.16 Kisela Voda, Skopje

Pnone: 070 788 889 and 070 756 433

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