atletaSkopje's cult gym ATLETA was formed in 1985. Many years of experience in caring for your well being Atleta is one of the most popular clubs in the country. A huge number of successful bodybuilders, fitness and other competitive athletes have started their carrier here. ATLETA is the first officially registered bodybuilding club in our country. Tens of thousands of members are familiar with the basic principles of proper exercise and a healthy diet in this club. Members of different generations of the same family, parents and children, continued. Prominent names exercised in athletes and competing athletes and Macedonia Sinisa Karic Kujtim Nagavci Milan Gligoroski Tsvetko Stojmenov Zarko Cabo Nebojsa Jocic Juliana Shtrkovska Zeljko Chakareski Zarko Srdikj Mirko Petrovski Emilija Trajkovska Svetlana Maslova Alexander Madzharoska Semra Ajro With great respect and gratitude to mention the names of the two founders of the sport in Macedonia, respected Mr. Tomislav Stokic and Mr. Elias Gligoroski who are founders of BBK ATLETA With great commitment and dedication they laid the foundations of bodybuilding (then athletic gymnastics) in Macedonia.
Address: BLVD Kuzman Josifovski Pitu 24A
Telephone: 02 2468 846


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