Rosica Mrsik is an internationally established fashion designer renowned for her contemporary, sophisticated and beautifully sculpted style. Her bold yet feminine signature design, reflects her vision for setting new fashion trends. Recognised among her clients as an authentic and innovative designer, Rosica creates collections of high quality fashion garments, celebrating the importance of, craftsmanship, timeless aesthetic as well as eco-friendly production. Rosica’s collections are composed of comfortable and stylish ready-to-wear clothing apparel, presented twice a year in Spring and Autumn. The unique style as influenced by various themes has made her easily recognisable in the domestic and many international markets. Each collection offers a wide selection of day to evening clothing widely available through boutique/concept stores and online shops for customers around the world. 

When you first meet Rosica, your impression will almost instantly be that you’re talking to a porcelain doll. From her alabaster, delicate skin to the way she graciously moves, it’s hard not to mistaken her for one. Her soft voice fills the room with a soothing atmosphere and you can’t help but feel that positive energy she creates around you. Her humble nature is what draws you in and almost immediately you want to dive deep and know more about her. There’s certain mystery that surrounds this woman, that sparks your inner curiosity.

rosica mrsik

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