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With the premiere of the opera by Giacomo Puccini, "Boemi", on May 9, 46th May Opera Evenings (MOE) will be opened at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB).

Five opera performances, one opera and one ballet gala concert, two exhibitions and two book promotions, will offer this year's 46th May Opera Evenings.

The motto is "We celebrate Puccini", and as it was said today at a press conference in the MOB, the event will begin with the Boemi premiere, traditionally, on May 9th.

The May Opera Evenings will continue with "Toska" on May 12th, then on May 15, a ballet concert with guests from Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be performed , on May 19 you can enjoy in the performance of "Turandot", while May 22 is scheduled for the Bosnian state opera with the performance of the latest opera production "Dragon from Bosnia".


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Third edition of Fashion & Lifestyle Expo

March is the month of change, new information, experiences, adventures ...

Get ready for spring purging from winter leisure thoughts and hibernation.

It is time to re-open and expand the horizons with new, creative and innovative perceptions.

Fashion & Lifestyle Expo for the third time announces the only lifestyle event that makes the perfect blend of everything that is challenging our individual and creative side.

On March 22 and 23, the foyer of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet will again radiate with the creative energy that is the result of modern design, innovative products, art, creativity and wonderful sounds.

The unique contemporary design of cars, architecture, furniture pieces, bathrooms and interior design, fashion design, jewelry, accessories, shoes and watches, luxury cosmetics and exceptional drinks are again in focus.

A number of domestic and foreign premium brands and companies, in a unique atmosphere and unusual ambience, will present you their latest collections, products and services, and visitors will have the opportunity to first learn their story and take advantage of numerous benefits.

Besides the exhibition part, we promise a rich day and evening program, which will take place in several interactive scenes.

From creative presentations on furniture design, architecture, fashion tips with fashion journalists and fashion gurus, styling beaver and beer for the guys, luxury cosmetics and quality wine for ladies, to fashion workshops for the youngest, Fashion & Lifestyle Expo has for aiming at re-moving the border and offering visitors an unusual and unforgettable experience that will foster and highlight individuality and inspire new creative connections.


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John Williams Symphony

A spectacular event of the Chamber Orchestra of Bitola in cooperation with musicians from the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

A fabulous performance of the best topics from the films: Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler's List.

Solo violin - Kliment Todoroski

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture

Media patrons: TV24, Metropolis Radio

You can buy your tickets at the ticket office of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, every day from 10:00 to 20:00.

Tuesday, March 20 at 20:00h - 22:00h at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet

damata kamelii

The Macedonian Opera and Ballet presents Vasily Medvedev's Lady of the Camellias. Based on Alexander Dumas' 19th-century French novel and set to the music of Guiseppe Verdi, Lady of the Camellias follows the tragic affair of Marguerite, one of Paris' most sought-after courtesans, and Armand, a young gentleman from the country. Dumas' novel, which he later reworked for the theatre, has inspired countless stage and screen adaptations, including the opera La Traviata, Greta Garbo's magnificent Oscar nominated interpretation of Marguerite in Camille, and the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge.

The ballet performance is scheduled for March 9th at 8PM.

Choreography: Vasily Medvedev (Russia)
Conductor: Bisera Chadlovska
Ass. Choreograpy: Stanislav Fecho (Czech Republic)
Set Design, Costume Design and Light Design: Pavol Jurash(Slovakia)
Repetitors: prof. MA Tanja Vujisikj Todorovska, Sasha Evtimova, MA Olga Pango

Ballet soloists and Corps de Ballet

Marguerite: Alekesandra Mijalkova
Аrmand: Vasil Chichiashvili (Georgia)



On Wednesday, Feb 28 at 20:00h - 22:30h at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet you can enjoy in Giselle, a romantic/fantastic ballet in two acts performed on music by Adolphe Adam. Ever since his world premiere in Paris, France, in 1841 it is one of the few ballets with perpetual tradition of performance.

 Conductor: Ivan Eminovikj

Choreography: Leonid Lavrovski (Russia)

Set design: Mileta Leskovac

Upgrade - set design: Zoran Kostovski

Costume design: Aleksandar Noshpal

Concert master: Verica Lamabevska

Repetitors: MA, Tanja Vujsikj Todorovska, Lora Tarchugovska, Biljana Pasharikovska


Giselle: Marija Kichevska-Shokarovska

Albrecht: Boban Kovachevski

Myrtha: Ivana Kocevska

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