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4th november 20:00h at Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
The performance is within the framework of the "Autumn Music Festivities" festival 2018. 
"Maria Callas - Master class" is a play written by American writer Terence McNally in 1995, presented as a fictitious masterclass from opera singer Maria Callas, before the end of her 70s. There are inserts from the music of Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, and Vincenzo Bellini. Drama was first performed at Broadway in 1995. with the stars Zoe Caldwell and Ora McDonald.
The opera diva Maria Callas, glamorous, mortally serious on one side and with a dose of dry humor on the other, holds an hour of singing at the renowned Julius Sculth University in New York. Depending on the students' presence and the current mood, summoned by the memory of one's own life, it behaves completely unpredictable. Including its inspirations, the fear of being "the ugly duck," the hatred of its competitors, the pressure of the first performances, the triumph in La Scala ", As well as her affair with Aristotle Onassis, culminates in a monologue for her self-sacrifice in the name of art.
In 1996, the play was rewarded with "Drama Descended" for the best new drama and "Tony Avard" for the best drama.
Directed and translated by: Ursula Horner
Choice of costumes: Marija Puputevska
Graphic design: Maria Vateroska
Light design: Vasko Lisichov
Maria Callas: Nadezhda Ruben
Correspondent: Andrei Naunov
Sophie de Palma: Marija Naumovska
Sharon Graham: Alexandra Lazarevska Vasilev
Antoni Kandolino: Vlatko Gruevski
Decorator: Zoran Danilov
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