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Saturday, July 1 at 9 PM - 10:30 PM

Ticket information: http://mob.mk/

Mother Theresa Square (between Macedonian Opera and Balet building, Macedonian Philharmony theatre and Kolonade Intdependent Macedonia, Basic Public prosecution and Agency for electronic communications, Skopje)

Location: MOB Plateau

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With the concert of the renowned Turkish musician and composer Omar Farouk Tekbilek and his international composition, on June 21, at 22:00, in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the 38th edition of the Skopje Summer will be opened, the event whose mission was and remains to be strengthened And fosters the urban spirit of the city.

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We invite you to XXI edition of "SKOPJE OPEN" 2017! 


June 14  8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Worlds in the "Red Room"

With a libretto by Saso Dimovski

Tonight 26th of May starting from 20:00 till 23:00 at Makedonska Opera i Balet - Macedonian Opera and Ballet, will be performed Cleopatra Ballet by Soloists, ballet ensemble, orchestra and choir of Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

Bisera Chadlovska - conductor, Vasily Medvedev (Russia) - choreographer, Neria Goldberg (Lithuania) - music, Pavol Juras (Slovakia) - Set designer / Costume designer, Yana Temiz (Turkey) - libretto, Milcho Aleksandrov - light designer

Cast: Aleksandra Mijalkova, Vasil Chichiashvili (Georgia), Boban Kovachevski, Marija Kichevska-Shokarovska, Mimi Pop Aleksova Atanasovska, Doychin Dochev (Bulgaria)

There have been numerous examples in history where ballets were inspired and created for prominent dancers. “Cleopatra” by world renowned choreographer Vasily Medvedev is a spectacular work which in many aspects goes beyond the frames of classical ballet. Inspired by the Macedonian primadona Aleksandra Mijalkova, “Cleopatra” is a work about the last queen of Egypt, the successor of Alexandar the Great, the legendary conqueror of hearts, who has for centuries inspired poets, composers, artists and directors. “Cleopatra” represents a reflection of Mijalkova’s individual artistic “charge”, a role that marks a new page in the history of Macedonian ballet art, a history that speaks of her numerous successes, colorful and impressive performances and emotional and spiritual commitment to the audience. The Macedonian audience has an unique opportunity to see a ballet which has not yet been staged in any theatre of the world, be delighted by the artistry and talent of Aleksandra Mijalkova and spend a memorable evening in the magic world of the Roman Empire and the dance wonders of Ancient Egypt.

Address: Kej Dimitar Vlahov, 1000 Skopje

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