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Macedonian opera and ballet, 10/30/2018 at 20:00h
Being on the stage for more than 130 years, "Swan Lake" is no doubt the greatest ballet of all time. The success of the ballet is largely due to the wonderful music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest artistic achievements in history. Tchaikovsky Ballet ended in 1876 for Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. In the choreography of Julius Risinger, the ballet was premiered on February 22, 1877. Without intending to make a reform in ballet music, Tchaikovsky devoted himself to writing "Swan Lake" by treating the ballet as an art form worthy of imaginative musical content.
Conductor: Biser Chadlovska
Choreographer: Viktor Yaremenko (Ukraine)
Set designer: Andrej Zlobin (Ukraine)
Costume designer: Ghana Ipatieva (Ukraine)
Tutors: Goran Bozhinov, Vasil Chichishashvili,
Lora Tarchougovska and Biljana Pasarikovska
Concert master: Verica Lambevska
Odeta, Odilia: Mimi Pop Aleksova Atanasovska
Prince Siegfried: Vasil Chichyashvili (Georgia)
Rothbart: Igor Velanoski
Lebedeovo ezero
"LIBERTANGO" lead us through a story that shows us the creation and the path of the tango. Street dance that reaches the piedestal of the world dance scene. Tango or the dance of passion, desire, jealousy, love, attraction ...
THE LIBERANGO of the great Astor Piazzolla, who has born in Buenos Aires, where he lives and makes music, opens a new direction in the tango, called "Nuevo tango". With the development and growth of this rare and world-renowned composer, the world music and dance scene is flooded, with its sounds, and the tango remains forever on the pedestal.
Piazzole's music merges jazz, classics and music of three people: Italy, Spain and Argentina.
Living between the street, club, music and dance, classics, jazz, university and talent, between Buenos Aires and Paris, Astor Piazzolla creates one of the most beautiful tango complications of the 20th century, LIBERTANGO.
October 3rd, 2018, Macedonian Opera and Ballet
Asunta Manetti Piazzola: Alexandra Mijalkova
Vicente "Nonino" Piacola: Vasil Chichyashvili (Georgia)
Maria Nives Rogo: Mimi Pop Aleksova Atanasovska
Juan Carlos Copes: Igor Velanoski
Carmenita Calderon: Natasha Josifovska
Dede Woolf: Sasha Evtimova
3 gangsters and tango dancers: Andrew Cook, Jan Kissilev, Miroslav Mitrashinovic
Piazzolla child: Marko Zdravkovski
Piazzolla Youth: Simone Girolletti (Italy)
Piazzolla old: Dragan Kochoski
Traditionally this year the State Ballet of ice from St. Petersburg is coming to Skopje!
On December 1st, at the stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the State Ballet ice from St. Petersburg comes again, this time with the performance of the play "Sleeping Beauty" by Peter I. Tchaikovsky. It is a ballet spectacle of ice that the State Ballet from St. Petersburg is producing on almost all world ballet and opera stages. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday (September 25, 2018) and they can be purchased through the sales network of www.kupikartizase.com, MOB Ticket, Pola Jugoton and Flower Shop.
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With the premiere of the opera by Giacomo Puccini, "Boemi", on May 9, 46th May Opera Evenings (MOE) will be opened at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet (MOB).

Five opera performances, one opera and one ballet gala concert, two exhibitions and two book promotions, will offer this year's 46th May Opera Evenings.

The motto is "We celebrate Puccini", and as it was said today at a press conference in the MOB, the event will begin with the Boemi premiere, traditionally, on May 9th.

The May Opera Evenings will continue with "Toska" on May 12th, then on May 15, a ballet concert with guests from Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be performed , on May 19 you can enjoy in the performance of "Turandot", while May 22 is scheduled for the Bosnian state opera with the performance of the latest opera production "Dragon from Bosnia".


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Third edition of Fashion & Lifestyle Expo

March is the month of change, new information, experiences, adventures ...

Get ready for spring purging from winter leisure thoughts and hibernation.

It is time to re-open and expand the horizons with new, creative and innovative perceptions.

Fashion & Lifestyle Expo for the third time announces the only lifestyle event that makes the perfect blend of everything that is challenging our individual and creative side.

On March 22 and 23, the foyer of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet will again radiate with the creative energy that is the result of modern design, innovative products, art, creativity and wonderful sounds.

The unique contemporary design of cars, architecture, furniture pieces, bathrooms and interior design, fashion design, jewelry, accessories, shoes and watches, luxury cosmetics and exceptional drinks are again in focus.

A number of domestic and foreign premium brands and companies, in a unique atmosphere and unusual ambience, will present you their latest collections, products and services, and visitors will have the opportunity to first learn their story and take advantage of numerous benefits.

Besides the exhibition part, we promise a rich day and evening program, which will take place in several interactive scenes.

From creative presentations on furniture design, architecture, fashion tips with fashion journalists and fashion gurus, styling beaver and beer for the guys, luxury cosmetics and quality wine for ladies, to fashion workshops for the youngest, Fashion & Lifestyle Expo has for aiming at re-moving the border and offering visitors an unusual and unforgettable experience that will foster and highlight individuality and inspire new creative connections.


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