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After a pause of two years, one of the most prominent Macedonian composers, Duke Bojadziev, who lives and works in New York for many years, will perform again in front of the Macedonian audience with two consecutive concerts in Skopje on May 11 and 12 in the new building of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert performance will be realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and "3Gong". Within the whole-evening concert titled "SON VERBA LJUBOV", Bojadziev will perform with copyrighted material refreshed with new tracks from the album Son-Verba-Ljubov, as well as part of his new film creation.

Duke (piano and vocal) will perform with a team of top musicians. Beside him, special guest will be Tijana Dapcevic, further actress Natasha Petrovic - vocal and narration, clarinet Ismail Lumanovski, Kostas Anastasiadis on drums, Martin Gjakanovski on double bass and string quartet consisting of: Vladimir Krstev as violin 1, Maja Efremova Shekera as Violin 2, Marko Videnovic on Viola and Maria Mihajlovska on cello.

Doke Bojadziev from 2001 lives and works in New York. He graduated from the Medical Faculty in Skopje and then at the Berkeley Music College in Boston. Through his international career, Duke has created music for many films and collaborated with several Oscar winners, including directors Jonathan Demi for "A Master Bilder" and Danis Tanovic for the movie "The Hell", as well as with Rajko Grlic for the film "The Constitution of the Republic Srpske ", with Stole Popov at" To Balchak "and" The War Completes "by Mitko Panov. Currently working on the film "Escape to the Sea" by Veljko Bulajic, who is in postproduction. Among the great feature films he worked on the films "The Secret Life of Voltaire Mitty" directed by Hollywood actor Ben Stiller and "The Promise" with Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac in the lead roles.

His music has been used for world brands such as Peugeot, Lancome and Loreal, various world compilations such as Buddha Bar and Marrakesh Express. She has worked with artists such as Cindy Lopper and Telepop Music, and has performed in world-wide courts, including Carnegie Hall in New York, Avalon Theater in Los Angeles and the Antique Theater in Ohrid. He also collaborated with Singer Angela McClawsky, film composer Paul Cantellon, Hollywood actress Jina Gershon and producer and audio engineer of British band D Prodigy, Neil McClellan.

The tickets will be on sale from April 16 on the ticket office at the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and at http://mktickets.mk/

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