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What is that ... string quartet? - saturday 20th october at 12h. Macedonian philharmonia
"What is it?" with a aim to bring classical music closer to kids. The first part of the project refers to the string instruments and musical compositions that children and young people through an interactive and multimedia concert will be able to see / hear. The concert will include scenic movements and multimedia elements through which the participants will take them to the world of classical music and introduce them to the musical instruments and the way music of violin, viola and cello.
At the concert beside Plamenka Trajkovska will perform Natasha Didenko, Ljubica Boshkova and Maja Mihajlovska, professional musicians, employees of the Macedonian Philharmonic.
Plamenka Trajkovska - small chamber compositions
Plamenkova Trajkovska - small chamber composers have had the opportunity to realize several concerts for children in Skopje and in the homes for culture in Macedonia. Since the beginning of the year Plamenka Trajkovska - small chamber compositions realized several concerts for children entitled "Music and Dance for the Students" in the municipalities of Gjorce Petrov and Kisela Voda, and now they are launching a new project aimed at bringing the classical music closer to children - "What is that ... string quartet. "
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