geoorgiuThe Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra will commemorate of 30 years since the death of the famous Croatian maestro conductor Lovro Matacic (1899-1985), which left strong traces on the Macedonian music scene.

vladkThe Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra will hold a symphony concert under the baton of Vladmir Kulenovic, the Serbian "Prince" of music ...

filharmnijaOn January 29th, the Macedonian philharmonic orchestra will play a concert of the cycle called "Cyrillic". Sasa Nikolovski - Gjumar will have the honor of being the conductor of this event.

rsz akiko suwanaiThe Japanese virtuoso on violin Akiko Suwanai will perform once again with the Macedonan Philharmonic Orchestra at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, tonight at 8PM.

filharmnijaCelebrate the biggest Christian holiday with the sounds of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. As a part of a brand new tradition, the Orchestra will perform in the Macedonian National Theater 7 days after the performance of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet at the exact same place.


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