Fred Frith

21.02.2018 at 8 PM - 9:30 PM

Macedonian Philharmonic (small hall)

Fred Frith. The musician we were missing all the years of Skopje Jazz Festival. He was never available in October because of his academic engagement in the Music Department at Mills College in Oakland, California (the educational epicenter of the experimental music). Frith has a cult status as innovator, guitarist, composer and improviser. The Englishman who led the legendary group Henry Cow for three decades, Frith moved to the U.S. in the late ’70s, where he began associations with renowned New York-based experimental musicians. The release of the seminal album “Guitar Solos” in 1974 enabled him to simultaneously carve out a place for himself in the international improvised music scene, not only as an acclaimed solo performer but in the company of artists like Bill Laswell, Brian Eno, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Chris Cutler, Lol Coxhill, Robert Wyatt, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, The Residents, Ikue Mori, John Zorn (with Zorn he was member of Naked City) and others. He is also well known for his restless work with bands like Skeleton Crew, Massacre, Keep the Dog, Art Bears, Tense Serenity, Guitar Quartet, Eye to Ear, Cosa Brava. Friths’s name appears on more than 400 recordings. Finally, we will see him in Skopje.

skopski bras kvintet

For the first time in our country, the famous themes from the legendary bands "The Beatles" and "Quinn" will sound from brass instruments. On Wednesday, February 7th in the chamber hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra at 8 pm, a concert will be held by the Skopje Brass Quintet comprised of: Aleksandar Ilievski and Vilijam Barakovski - trumpets, Blagoja Vasilevski - horn, Nikola Ristevski - trombone and Aleksandar Ninic - tuba. The program includes popular songs like: “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Imagine”, “Hey Jude”, “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Yesterday”, “She Loves You”, “Somebody to love”,”Help”…

The Skopje Brass Quintet was formed in 2016, but the idea to create this type of composition among its members has been lingering since their student days. There was a huge desire to show the brass instruments in a different role. From Beatles to Bach, from John Williams to Sony Kompanek, the repertoire of the Skopje Brass Quintet is wide and moves through different styles and genres. Although the performances of this band were not of a concert character, this concert opens a new chapter in their career. It's no coincidence that the selection are compositions by “The Beatles” and “Quinn”, to hear a different side of brass instruments, beyond the classical music repertoire. The members of the Skopje Brass Quintet are regular members of the national music houses - the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, as well as external collaborators in the City Brass Orchestra, the Big Band of MRTV and the Big Band of the Association of Jazz Musicians of Macedonia.

makedonska filharmonija 

The symphonic concert "Tchaikovsky and Beethoven" will be held in the Macedonian Philharmonic on Wednesday, January 31, at 8 pm. As a soloist will perform one of the most successful European violinists, Roman Simovic, who is currently a concert-master of the renowned London Symphony Orchestra.
This brilliant virtuoso for the Macedonian audience will perform the beautiful Concerto for Violin and Orchestra no. 1 by Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, one of the most popular, but also most performed concerts for this instrument. Under the conduct of maestro Borjan Canev, this evening will also be performed the revolutionary Symphony No. 1 of the music giant Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tickets can be obtained at the ticket office: +389 (0) 2 3238 182; +389 (0) 71 393 282; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(The Ticket Office of the Macedonian Philharmonic is situated across from the Music School Ilija Nikolovski - Luj)
Working hours: Monday - Friday 10:00-20:00; Saturday 10:00 - 14:00.

istvan vardai

Tchaikovsky: laughter and sorrow” is the title of the symphonic concert of the Macedonian Philharmonic with one of the best cellists in the world, István Várdai from Hungary as soloist, on March 16th in the Army Hall at 8 pm. The awarded artist, who plays a legendary instrument Stradivarius "Di Pre-Harel" (1673), a cello previously owned by the famous Jacqueline du Pre, for the Macedonian audience will perform Variations on Rococotheme op. 33 by P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Under the baton of maestro Case Scaglione (USA), the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra after a while will perform the Symphony no. 6 B-minorop. 74, entitled "Pathetique" by Russian genius Tchaikovsky, which is considered the most beautiful symphonies of all time.

Don’t miss this rare event!

amy dickson 225 ret

The award winning and charismatic Amy Dixon will perform as a soloist at the concert “Alchemy” with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra on March 9th in the Army Hall at 8 pm.

The first saxophone player and first Australian to win a Classic Brit award will perform in Skopje for the first time the concerto for amplified oboe and orchestra by contemporary Australian composer G. Koehne - In flight entertainment concerto.

The ultra popular Amy Dixon focuses on contemporary and film music, and in her repertoire are works by top contemporary composers such as Philip Glass, Michael Nyman, Michael Caiman, John Williams...

The concert “Alchemy” will bring music with film magic, and is held on the occation of March 8th - Women's Day.

Conductor is Maestro Case Scaglione, under whose baton the orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic will premiere the work “Four paraphrases for symphonic orchestra” by young Macedonian composer Tea Bogatinova, and Symphony no. 6 called “Pastoral” from the musical genius Ludwig van Beethoven.

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