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Located in the city center, you can always stop by to enjoy a nice juice, smoothie or just snack in between strolls or meetings.Don’t forget to enjoy their terrace during the warm days, or just their modern decor from the inside.

Cafe Lee is tucked in a cozy neighbourhood not so far from the center where you can avoid the loud noises and just relax. Here you can try many types of drinks which are always decorated with something extra on the side.

Birokrat - Ministry of Coffee is a modern lounge bar located on the quay of the river Vardar and within the City Shopping Centre (GTC). The bar is close to all the monuments, sights and attractions and is opposite of many of the city museums.

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Cresa Bar or Cherry Bar is a great place where you can enjoy Mediterranean, Asian and Macedonian kitchen.

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Coffee factory - Profesional coffee makers by lavazza.

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