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hanibalOpen since November 2013, Hanibal cake and bakery shop is becoming more and more famous over tme for heir unique cake and cookie designs.

krinCakes, cookies, small pastries, chestnut puree, sweet wheat, biscuits, Saints day bread, cheese crackers... 

olllGood for groups or parties, Takeaway, Catering, Table service and Outdoor seating. Perfect custom made cakes and cookies.

palma40-year-old tradition and enormous ice cream scopes. That's all you need to know. One shop is located in Taftalidze on one of the busiest boulevards Skopje - "Partizanski Odredi" and the second one in Aerodrom.


apceOver 100 years old tradition, over 60 years on the same location, the second most famous randevu point of the local citizens.

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