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Peking Garden is first Asian restaurant that offers a huge selection of Chinese and Japanese specialties. For all Asian food lovers, Peking Garden brought chefs directly from China, so you have the opportunity to try real and unique food.

pandaA recently opened restaurant that serves authentic Chinese food! And delivers it to your home. Need we say more?

sushicoSushico is a chain of restaurants for Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. The first restaurant has been opened in 1997. By opening a restaurant in Skopje the Sushiko brand has announced its presence in the Balkans


shanghaiHands down - the best chinese food you will taste in Skopje. Enjoy traditional and authentic Chinese cuisine in a restaurant in the city. Shanghai restaurant opened in 1999 and already has 13 years of experience in the restaurant industry. 

star oceannA taste of the best Asian and Chinese specialties cooked by excellent expirienced chefs.

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