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The restaurant is located in the old part of the city where people come to enjoy the heritage of the Turkish influence and to rest in the beautiful shades it has to offer. The building itself was built in the XV century, it was used as AN, the upper floor was used as place to spend the night and the ground floor was bazar during the days. Even after all those years the place still has the spirit from days gone by. The beer house keeps the warm old style inside as it does outside. During warmer days you can relax in peaceful wood made terrace enjoying the sounds of the make a wish fountain.The cuisine of beer house "An” uses traditional recipes for homemade dishes. Beerhouse AN works with high quality food and provides fast and exceptionally professional service. The recipes are prepared by experienced chefs who fulfil all the desires of our visitors. Traditional Macedonian dishes are the specialties of the house such as: Muckalica, Country meat, Hunting cutlet, “Pasha” meatballs, Sarma, Muska, Turlitava, Beans, Spicy gulash etc.

Address: Gradiste 14
1000, Skopje, Macedonia
(inside the complex Kapan AN)

Telephone: +389 02 321 2111

pivnica an

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