Meet single, unique boat of Biblical Macedonia with a rare and unique interior enterier, Exclusive Restaurant “ ROYAL MACEDONIA” !

Taste unique specialties of remarkable, exclusive restaurant in Macedonia, 
on the Balkan and Europe, "ROYAL MACEDONIA"!
royallBy entering in this space, you are entering in a portal of infinity, where you have a rare opportunity to take with yourself the most beautiful moments, in your memory, and in Eternity, and spin the wings of LIFE. Simply, here you have an opportunity to awake all your senses of taste, smell, hearing, color and sight, through the uniquely tasty food, professional service and unique ambience.
Let their sommelier introduce you to the world of hedonism through your meal and drink, and they promise that you will leave with the inner feeling of divinity, warmth, belonging, trust and love, which will always make you repeat the experience or share it with some beloved and favorite person.
Relax yourself and let them organize your business lunches and dinners of your choice, seminars, Swedish table, catering, family celebrations, weddings, cocktails, banquets, birthdays and other parties.

Telephone: 02 3120 999
Address: Kej 13 Noemvri 3s


Across the Bridge of Love
On The path to Eternity,
On the path to The Truth,
Is a path to Love,
For any soul coming here!"



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