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On September 1st, 2010, the new shopping centre “Vero” was opened, being the first center of the Veropulos group.

The object covers an area of 40.000 square meters, and is one of the biggest shopping centers in Macedonia, and was being built for two whole years. “Veropulos” company has invested over 40 million euro in its completion so far, so that it can look the way it does today.

Citizens are given the opportunity to buy products from well-known brands, which they were used to buying only when going shopping in Greece, such as the store for children Jumbo, then New Yorker, Intersport, B-Watch, Anhoch and others. In the Vero center there are many Macedonian companies where every customer can find what he or she wants.

We are convinced that visitors will feel very pleasant inside the building as it is not claustrophobic at all, since there is a lot of open space and it abounds in light. What is new in our country is that except in the underground floor the parking space can also be used by customers on the ground floor. Its capacity is about 500 vehicles.

The object of Vero center is entirely glassed and has a sun roof. The building is spacious and modern, and the materials used are in accordance with EU standards. We have paid special attention to esthetics and natural light because for any object it is very important that visitors are also provided with covered parking space on two levels inside the building. We believe that it is very important for everyone who comes to shop in the center not to worry about weather conditions outside. Parking is free for all visitors who run a bill over 300 denars in any shop in the Vero centre.

In the shopping center there are more than 45 spacious shops, 19 lifts, 12 escalators and conveyor belts that customers can use along with their supermarket trolleys, as well as 96 security cameras that make both visitors and their dearest ones feel safe.

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In the heart of the city, between the Holiday Inn, Parliament and “Makedonija” square, stands the Soravia Center Skopje – the capital’s most extravagant and striking office building.

Physically connected to the city’s largest shopping centre, it is the first office and commercial building in line with Western standards in the whole of Macedonia. The goal was to make a clear statement in and for Skopje, one that also reflects the typical DNA of SORAVIA.

The building reflects the breakthrough into new dimensions by combining technical innovation and state-of-the-art architecture. Neither has quality of life been neglected – the centre not only enjoys a central location, but is also situated directly next to a park on the water.

Soravia Center Skopje

3, Filip II Makedonski Str.

1000 Skopje


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Ramstore Mall is the first mall with global standards in Macedonia, which started its operations on June 11th 2005, with more than 90 selected stores and brand names satisfying the taste, needs and budget of all visitors.

Ramstore Mall is located in the heart of the capital Skopje and it represents part of you for more than 10 years. Here, in the city center, we bring smiles and pleasure to more than 20 000 visitors a day, by offering them a variety of brand names and entertainment. Ramstore Mall has ideal location, surrounded by different target groups within a radius of 200 metres: ministries, state hospital, polyclinics, banks, schools and kindergartens, museums, theaters etc.

Ramstore Mall is more than just an ordinary mall. Spreading over a surface of 25.000 m2, it offers excellent entertainment and shopping, with a wide range of brands and stores, pleasant cafeterias, kids’ entertainment, as well as tasty food served in the fast food department. There is also a hypermarket located in the mall, offering a rich assortment of products. Moreover, the mall offers a safe parking, bank, post office, dry-cleaning shop etc.

All these privileges are satisfying visitors’ needs, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

scmSkopje City Mall is the first modern shopping center in Macedonia with a completely new concept that brings together shopping, entertainment and companionship. As the largest center of this kind in the region, Skopje City Mall grows to be a new landmark of modern Skopje.

capitolLocated in the heart of Skopje Aerodrom Municipality, CapitolMall & Residence extends the built area of 33,500 m2 and the total investment is 30 million euros with a celebration open e mall Capitol Mall and Residence in the Aerodrom Municipality.

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