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April 2-7, 2018

camp location: Stadium "Makedonski Lavovi", Gjorce Petrov Skopje

This camp is open to everyone, from children that already have regular football activities at their local clubs and schools, but also to passionate kids with recreational skills that want to experience the work environment in football camps and schools of big clubs.

The program enables conditions for improvement of physical, technical, tactical and mental capabilities of the camp participants. Through different attacking and defending situations, the players will improve the reaction on these conditions.

Also the social aspect of the game will be present and the kids will be working on , dedication, responsibility and teamwork as on the field, but also out of the football field.

The coaches from Italy will transfer their concepts on English language, while the local coaches will translate on Macedonian and Albanian language.

This project was established with cooperation between football club Juventus and football club Mondano Kids from Skopje, through the local fan club of Juventus in Macedonia

During the Camp, Juventus coaches and the domestic coaches will work with children, providing them with nurturing and family like enviroment. The domestic coaches and whole organization of Camp will be under constant supervision of Juventus coaches and staff from Turin. The trainings are concepted in cooperation with Institue for Sports Medicine in Turin, in order to maximize effectivity of trainings and to minimize risk of injuries.

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