April 28, Theater for children and Youth

Giga Mega Tale "is a new story that comes from old stories. Four actors who cannot start the play "Pinocchio" because the actor who is playing Pinocchio is missing are starting to think up their own story. In panic, but with a lot of fantasy, they tell the famous fairy tales and one of them and merge them into a fast, funny, fun and instructive fairy tale - Giga Mega Tale. So the Red Canyon intercepts the Wolf and scolds him because he worked with a hoe in the grandmother's yard. ‘He is a gardener who just wants to live in a quiet and quiet garden and wants to help the grandmother. And the grandmother knows karate, Jit-Kun-Do and Jiu-Jitsu, and he keeps the Wolf lesson so he is afraid to escape his story. She leaves and meets the Sleeping Beauty with which they start looking for the golden hoe and the great book of knowledge...

The actors give us a bunch of unusual and urbane events that bravely and magically create a wonderful world of the modern fairy tale. They compete with each other that will come up with a better idea for the story, but always the good idea wins.

Children, mothers and fathers, it's time for a new fairy tale because we all know the old ones. We will tell this fairy tale with a lot of fantasy, love and singing. We will tell it with one big message: If we make up together magical worlds then there is no end to our rich imagination and we become better people.

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