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According to the text of Rusomir Bogdanovski, inspired by the same name book by Mark Mazover, the music of Zlatko Origjanski, and directed by Slobodan Unkovski

Actors: Simona Dimkovska, Ivana Pavlakovik, Natalija Teodosieva, Stefan Vujisic, Martin Manev, Goran Nikov and Vladimir Petrovic

The chronicle "Thessaloniki, CITY OF SPIRITS", Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430 -1950 by world famous historian and professor, Mark Mazover, is an objective chronicle of life and events over five centuries, in the most important city of Macedonia. It covers a period from the Turkish conquest of Thessaloniki in 1430 to the deportation and the Holocaust of 45,000 Thessaloniki Jews to the Auschwitz camp. Rusomir Bogdanovski inspired by this historical chronicle develops a documentary drama exciting in the events, the fates of people and the flow of time.

Location: Cinema Culture

Time: 20:00

Tickets: 200 den. (reservation on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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