prevrteni-prikazniThe collective “Windmill” announces premiere of two plays under the name "Inverted stories" in Youth Cultural Center - Cinema Frosina on Wednesday, May 27th at 6 pm.

om care care pretstavaThe group “Kunstwerkstatt” within the Media/Art club Skopje of Youth Educational Forum organizes a theater performance on Tuesday, May 26th at Salon 19'19 at 8 pm.

MNT FEst pretstavi 1Macedonian National Theatre this year holds the second edition of the International Theatre Festival “MNT- Fest” with guest performances from national theaters from several countries in the region and beyond, from May 27th to July 3rd.

hamlet vo pikanten sosThis Thursday try the specialty of the Comedy Theatre - Hamlet in spicy sauce.

petartemelkovskiAt Theater Dramski this Tuesday, May 19th at the small stage will premiere the monodrama "Jane Sandanski 100 years after" performed and directed by actor Petar Temelkovski.

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