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March, 3 20:00

Macedonian National Theatre

Director: Jordan Simonov

Executive producer: Viktor Ruben

Set designer and costume designer: Ilina Angelovska

Music: Goran Trajkovski

Poster and animation: Srdjan Janicevic

Terrorism is present as a tyranny of fear that corrupts and brutalizes the everyday aspects of our lives and here the fundamental question arises as to whether terrorism is an anthropological task. These are just a part of the theses and dilemmas that this text sets up, through a comic view focused on ordinary people in crisis situations and situations where there is a high pressure on them. The drama fragmentarily written, in five seemingly unrelated stories, brings with it one unpredictability and dynamics characteristic of the works of Russian absurd comedy since the beginning of the last century.


Goran Cvetkovski

Slavisa Kajevski

Nikola Aceski

Nikolina Kujac

Sasko Kocev

Zvezdana Angelovska

Maria Novak

Aleksandar Mikic

Kire Gjorevski

Aleksandar Mihajlovski

Aleksandar Gjorgjieski  

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On February 21st at the minor stage in MNT, at 8 pm, the play " The Young Ladies of Avignon " will be premiered. This premiere was performed after the play of Sasho Dimoski, directed by Nenad Vitanov. 
With the premiere of this text, the Macedonian National Theater celebrates one big jubilee: one hundred and ten years after Picasso's "Madonna from Avignon" for the first time saw the light of the day and laid the first postulates of Cubism. 
The play includes: Iskra Veterova, Sofija Nasevska - Trifunovska, Zvezdana Angelovska, Gordana Endrovska, Ana Stojanovska and Vasil Zafirchev. 
Composer of the music is Kaliopi Bukle, the scenery is by Filip Vitanov, and the costume designer is Tanja Kokev.
The next performance is scheduled for February 22 (Thursday) at 8 pm, while the tickets for the premiere and the first replay are already put on sale at the MNT ticket office. 


At the Macedonian National Theater on February, 20 at 20:00 o’clock you can watch the theater play The Marriage of Figaro.  

Tuesday, Feb 20 at 20:00h

Director:Levan Tsuladze

Contributor of the director: Andrej Cvetanovski 
Set designer : Valentin Svetozarev 
Costume designer : Kokevi Kadriu

Premier performance:Friday, July 22, 2011

Duration:100 minutes

The Marriage of Figaro picks up three years following the end of The Barber of Seville as Figaro is engaged to be married to Suzanne; both characters are among the Count's staff in his dwelling. In the three years since Figaro helped forge the marriage of the Count and Rosine, the Count has already grown bored with his marriage and is taking notice of Suzanne. The Count looks to re-engage the act of primae noctis, in which he would consummate the marriage with the bride-to-be prior to Figaro's honeymoon.

mamma mia


ABBA's hits tell the comic story of a teenage girl who is looking for her real father on a Greek island paradise.

The fact that over 54 million people around the world are in love with the characters, the story and the music of MAMMA MIA! It is a show of supreme enjoyment! Mother. Daughter. Three potential fathers. And travel through the space you will never forget!

The author, Katherine Johnson, develops the action of this funny and interesting story on the beautiful Greek island. On the eve of the wedding, the daughter's wish to reveal her father's identity returns back three men from her mother's past who visited her 20 years ago.

The narrative magic of ABBA's timeless songs is the driving force of the magical story of love, laughter and friendship, creating an unforgettable performance. The great actors, the cheerful atmosphere and the explosive dancing songs together make MAMMA MIA guaranteed hit-play for every theater.

The project is being realized as co-production between the Macedonian National Theater and Prospot doo / Presented by Arrangement with Music Theater International / Europe.

Premiere: Sunday, December 24, 2018

Macedonian National Theater 

Постер ЕкспериментThe premiere of the theatre play “Experiment” directed and written by Jane Spasic, produced by the association Artopija - Skopje, will be shown this Monday, January 22nd at 9 pm at the Youth cultural center in Skopje.

The main inspiration for the play is the book "The Lucifer Effect" by social psychologist Philip Zimbardo, who in his work analyzes the ways and methods through which the system and the situation affect the dehumanization and de-individualization of the individual, while gradually directing the individual to commit crimes "in the name " of the system.

Directed by: Jane Spasic
Performing: Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevski, Martin Jordanovski, Simona Spirovska Kostovska, Mateja Jankovska, Marija Jancevska, Mihail Stojanovski
Set design: Kiril Vasilev
Costume design: Brankica Jordanovska
Video editing: Gorjan Atanasov
Poster design: Kristina Gorovska
Technical coordinator: Kiril Mechalov
Producers: Filip Nikolovski, Natasa Petrovic and Radoslav Gogushevski

Tickets can be purchased at the MKC's ticket office at the price of 300 denars.
Tickets can be reserved at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the phone number 023115225

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