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20161017014019797Dior Wellness Spa Center is located in municipality Avtokomanda. This is the place where you can totally relax and enjoy the quiet music and light, which enrich the ambient. Dior Wellness Spa offers 

bushi logoChoose how to pleasure yourself after a long day. Thai massage, Foot Massage, Relaxing Seats, Sauna, Salt Room Sauna and Traditional Turkish Hammam. Everything you need at the Bushi Resort and Spa. 

rsz 1pirinnPirin export is a pioneer and also a leader in the area of design and construction of sauna & spa in Macedonia and Kosovo. Choose how to pleasure yTheirself after a long day. 

rsz 1logoThe formula for health, beauty and happiness through Spa (Solus per Aqua) or health through water is an inovation to them. Professional Spa therapists from the Far East will offer you exclusive Spa treatments.


katlanovoOnly a step away from you, outside from the urban chaos, in the oak woods near the Pcinja River, a fulfillment to your desire for relaxation and rest is awaiting. Katlanovo Spa.

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