The Chateau Sopot

The Chateau Sopot is located in the surroundings of the Veles lake, between the valleys and the fertile uplands of the wine region of Veles. This winery is one of the Macedonian chateau that is living its wine fairy tale in the book called Macedonia. It is closed to highway E-75 on the road Skopje-Veles on the right side of the paytoll.

Chateau Sopot is small boutique-winery with annual capacity of 100.000 liters, founded in 2006.
The winery has its first harvest as early as the following year. It disposes of 100 hectares own wine plantation, and the selection of sorts includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay and Temjanika.

Holding its ideal location in the wine region of Veles, at the altitude of sea level of 150-220 meters, the wines of Chateau Sopot have tendency to be sold to the domestic and the foreign market, exclusively to the ones that really want to be indulged in the feast of the premium wine.

We offer winery shop where you have opportunities to buy our top- quality wines with promotional prices. You can also enjoy tasting our wines in rustical  and unique style that offers the winery cellar. The restaurant is created in a pleasent and unique style, with capacity of 400 guests, where beside tasting the premium wines you can also enjoy the smell and taste of incredible culinary delicacies. We are building hotel next to the restaurant, which will have 6 rooms and 4 high luxury suites, provided with the most sophisticated way of functioning that offers sophisticated convenience and comfort. The whole enogastronomy offers full quality and tradition, complements the specificity of the nature that captures the history of the wine region.

The Chateau Sopot’s limited edition wines could not be found in the retail, but only in first-class restaurants and hotels throughout Macedonia and abroad. Besides the small, but high-quality capacity of wine, Chateau Sopot supplies several other domestic wineries that want to buy quality grapes, and the winery has already build-up a reputation for its standard and certain source of grapes.

Address: Naseleno mesto bez ulicen system br.2   Municipality of Veles, 41.777508, 21.740874, Veles 1400
Telephone: +389 78 66 33 00
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