Ador Gold

Ador Gold is a huge luxury name when it comes to jewelry, mainly because their line includes pieces that are wearable day in and day out, whatever the occasion. Their extensive collection is not only limited to women, as Ador Gold also caters to men and children as well.

What makes Ador Gold different from the competitive brands for gold jewelry is the respect for tradition, the innovative approach and the artwork woven into every piece of jewelry that shines from their shelves in the store. This jewelry store, located in the heart of the Old Bazaar in Skopje, combines elegance and extravagance without losing its penchant for traditions.

According to the owners Elza and Andy Adzija who are running the business, the company adopts the principle of offering the newest and most original designs that indulges everyone’s taste with wide range of accessories, from simpler pieces to pieces that attract a lot of attention at first glance.

Although the aesthetics is very important, the process of craftsmanship plays even bigger role – when Ador Gold creates a wedding ring, they try to make every peace different and unique, because they believe that every love story is special, and that’s the way the weeding rinds should be – special. The same goes for the other pieces of jewelry as well.

Address: st.Salih Asim br.20 Old Bazar 1000 Skopje
Mobile: +389 (72) 680 336

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